First Lesson

This will be your first lesson to being successful.  Take Action.

If you have read any success material whether in books or online every solitary one that is worth its weight or megabyte should tell you to take action.  If there is no action there can be no results.  Action is a general term.  If you look up  the definition of action there are many options.  Some of my favorite definitions are:

  1.  The state or process of acting or doing
  2.  Something done or accomplished; a deed
  3. Organized activity to accomplish an objective
  4. Habitual or vigorous activity; energy
  5. The operating parts of a mechanism
  6. The manner in which such parts operate
  7. The series of events and episodes that form the plot of a story or play
  8. The most important or exciting work or activity in a specific field or area: always heads for where the action is

I do not think there is a wrong definition but it all depends upon what action needs to be taken.  For some it could be as simple as sitting down and writing what needs to be done.  For others it will be picking up the phone and having a meaningful conversation whether this is a family member or a bill collector.  If you really want to get your life on track there is nothing else to be done other than take action.  Not just any action either.  You must be willing to take extreme action.

A person who is reading this was looking for how to be successful in some area of life.  We could come up with a whole load of theoretical situations, which I plan to do in the future, or take real stories but not using names unless permission has been granted, and delve into the problem that seems like a life halting situation.  Before we do that though, I really want you to know that each post will have an action step.  This will be something you can do right now to begin your transformation into what you consider being successful.  I will expect a lot out of individuals because it is within that individual where true success lies.  If you are willing to put in the work, I will be here willing to help.

Here is your first action step for this post.

Get out a piece of paper and pen.  The first thing I want you to do is write down what success would mean to you.  Would it mean having a great family that goes on outings?  Would it mean finding the person of your dreams?  Would it be how financially secure you are?  Would it be breaking a terrible habit like doing drugs of some kind?  This will be a very private answer.  The next part of the action that I want you to take will be harder.  Now that you have written down this very private answer I want you to share it with someone.  The reason this is hard is because it is so private in some cases.  Go to a family member, if you do not have that some loved one, a friend, a mentor, or a teacher.  The reason you do this is because it will help you commit to a certain piece of action.  This small action can have very large positive consequences.  If a person does make fun of you or is in complete shock that you opened up to them doesn’t matter.  Words can hurt but that shows you the people that are true to you as well.

Hell, if you do not want to share it with anyone you know post it in the comments here.  I would love to hear where people want to take action in their lives.  Alright I have taken up enough of your time.  Get to work and be successful.


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