Second Lesson – Positives

This is going to add on to the previous lesson.  We really want to come up with enough positives to drive the force of good in us.  There is a belief that negatives and sadness drives us as well.  This is true but I much prefer having enough good reinforcement to get me where I want to be than negative.  The key to the negative side is to pretty much scare you out of the bad habit like the biting finger nails example I used previously.

To come up with more positives than negatives is a process but I will show you how to do that here.  You know how I feel about action by now so here we go.

Write one thing that you want to accomplish in life.  For an example I will use one of the most common goals of people, financial security.  Now let us start our lists with the negatives.

Financial Security Negatives

Financial Security Positives

Money is the root of all evil Get a house
Can never get there Live life free
  Take care of family
  Open my own business
  Traveling the world
  Pay bills or better yet prepay bills

There should be many more reasons why you would choose to have financial security.  This is just an example of what your goal setting can look like.  The point is that there should be a lot more positives of doing something than negatives.  Granted this can be situational but I think the point is being made.

This is just one exercise in many that you can use to help motivate you to get off your butt and move.  As stated previously action will be your number one ally.  Once you have determined how positive of an affect a goal is that you have in mind the next action step is action.  I will cover some answers to different scenarios if you want to get started in one aspect or another in your life.  Good luck and live positively.

Positives outweigh the negatives


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