Lesson 4 – Make life exciting

excitementA lot of times I find that when boredom over takes me I am easily distracted.  I will do almost anything not to be bored whether that is searching the internet, watching television or playing video games.  Do not get me wrong.  I do believe there is a place for the internet obviously as I am writing on it; watching television for communication to know what is going on around me or just to chill out and playing video games.  Everything seems to have a place in life but there must a balance.

One great way to make life exciting is through love.  This can be the physical love you have with someone.  It could also be the love you have for something.  The importance of love is undeniable.  Meet someone who has been in love for many years or meet someone who loves what they do and have been doing that for 30 years and you will know what I mean.  There is this power that when we do something we absolutely love that comes from inside.

This is what can make anything in life exciting.  Now a thought that comes to mind is, “Yeah, Matthew this is all good but what about things like chores?”  This is a great question.  How do we make our daily lives exciting?  I have an easy answer for you.  Although it is not polite to ask a question to answer a question here it is.  What happens when you do not complete the tasks in your daily life like chores?  I do not know about you but my life is more miserable if I do not do the laundry, sweep the floors, vacuum, or clean the bathroom.  Obviously there are more chores than this in our daily lives but I want to give you a solid example.

Because I feel this would cause too much discomfort or it makes me anxious to come to a sink full of dishes I am excited to get them done.  It is so important to me to make sure that my wife, my kids and myself are comfortable that it makes me excited getting these little tasks done.   This is only the tip of the ice berg.

Get excited about getting your daily goal list done.  What did I just hear?  You do not have a daily goal list?  Get on that please.  I am not talking about setting a goal list like wake up, brush my teeth, gurgle mouth wash, get in the shower and go to the bathroom.  This is a little insane that you need reminders to do all of this.  My goal list today looks like this:

School  –

2 responses

Start paper – @ least 300 written words

Lesson 4 –

Motivation website

Make Life exciting

Everything from walking – exercising – learning – goals – action – approach and childlike

Book – The next 2 years

(Removed private information about a book I am writing but it sums up the chapter for me)

Check Fiverr and Amazon

This is pretty much my entire goal list today.  It is short and sweet.  I know that through my day I want to work on my school work, write a motivational post for my success website, write more in my book and check out some websites I am affiliated with to see if anything has sold or if there is a job for me to do.

I know that need exercise everyday which I either do through my walk, run or martial arts practice in the evenings.  I know I need to eat and stay clean.  I know I have to change my baby’s diapers.  The stuff that is accomplished off the actual goal list is just a bonus and I can stay excited about it.  There are no other things I would rather accomplish through the day.

Try to approach each day in a child like manner.  If you have ever seen a child or been around children each day is new to them.  They look around and almost say in their heads’,” Hmm, this looks cool.  This is what I am going to do today.”  Whenever I walk with my 16 month old daughter she always looks around and even though we go on mostly the same path every day, unless we have a special day, she always points and talk’s baby talk about what she sees.   She has seen me sweeping and loves to take the broom pretending to sweep.  In her head I think she really thinks she is sweeping.

If you need help understanding please email or write what certain goals are that you would like to accomplish in the comments.   Thanks for reading.  Make your day exciting today.


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