Lesson 5 – Power of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a known concept that very successful people use.  Some people I have talked to consider this a cult type belief system.  I am not apt to believe that this has anything to do with cultish desire.  This seems to be something that people use to attract whatever it is the person wishes to him or her.

Initially the power to attract what it is you want out of life comes down to simply convincing yourself that you will have that want or need.  One important concept about making goals in the life you want is to see yourself accomplishing that goal.  This helps to give a certain desire, a certain drive if you will, to get to that point in your life.

I do not find anything wrong with imagination.  Look at the placebo effect in the medical field.  This is when although someone takes something like a sugar pill and they magically feel better.  There have been certain experiments performed that use the placebo effect and even medical tests and equipment cannot find remnants of whatever disease there was that the patient was trying to get rid of.

On a CD I was listening to a guest speaker named Dr. Deepak Chopra.  He was describing an effect that humans can have upon their own bodies.  This is stating a belief and having an instantaneous reaction.  Although it was a little beyond me I understood the basic concept.  It was a matter of tricking the mind to heal the body.  This is a very important concept.  The brain is a very powerful tool.

How can we use that tool to attract the things we desire?  Well, we already know that we use a very small percentage of our brains.  If we could just unlock certain doors within that powerful utility we would be able to accomplish amazing things.  The true power of a human is still yet to be seen.

This is what always fascinates me about us.  Movies like X-men or Gattica have intriguing theories.  Then there are theories of advanced humans already out there.  There is also the show by Stan Lee who represented these people.  Now you may be asking yourself, “Well I am not a superhuman.  What can I take from this?”

If I want my readers to take anything from this it is having the knowledge that they are capable of more than they think.  Again, I am a man of action.  This is what I want you do for the exercise in this lesson.  First, the good news, you get to use your imagination.  Imagine something small that you want or need for practice.  Do not automatically say I want a million dollars.  I think it is possible but I would rather start you off easy.

Imagine this simple object.  Feel it, see it, play with it or imagine exactly what you are doing with the object of your desire.  The next step is to do this a few times a day.  I would say at least three times a day.  Do this day in and day out until somehow you find a way to obtain the item or the item appears before you.  As you convince yourself that you already have the object it ceases to be a desire and becomes real.  This is the effect I wish for you to achieve.

A great video that you can watch if you choose is the following.  It is around an hour and a half but well worth your time if you want to hear some cool things people have attracted to themselves and who in history has used this.


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