Lesson 9 – Family and Friends



To be successful one could use family and friends.  Although they do not directly make you successful they can be of great use in helping you to become successful.  There are many ways that this can occur.

First, normally family can be pretty tight.  If not, this is okay because a lot of times the mending process can begin.  This is great not only for the family but also for self success.  We have very limited time on Earth as we know it so we should make the most of it.  Each of these repairs will make a person stronger as a person and as a family unit.

Each family member also has a unique trait that they excel at.  Some people have many, some have a few.  One example from my personal life is my brother in law.  He is very imaginative and is great to go to for new and unique ideas.  These ideas can be sorted and added into either my writing or I can bring them to people I know in order to get them going for production or industrial manufacturing.  Granted I haven’t really utilized this to full potential, no matter what walk a life the person lives in currently, think about what each person may be able to offer in your life.

Each family member should also have connections.  Each connection could mean the difference between an idea that is a success or a failure.  A great example, again from my personal life, is my aunt.  She is a lawyer.  Lawyers are very useful but they are also very specialized.  If I have a question I go to her.  If she knows the answer this is great and easy for me instead of huffing it around town trying to find the answer myself.  If not, she can direct me to someone in her network that does.  This is simply social networking.

The same goes for the friends and acquaintances of your life. Sometimes we are shy or embarrassed or just do not think it is appropriate to bring up certain things we are doing in our lives.  Something about life that we all should learn is that if we do not discuss what is going on in our lives or discuss where we wish to succeed no one will ever know and therefore cannot help.  We just have to be brave enough to discuss it.  Some people may look down on your ideas.  Some people may even criticize your ideas.  It does not matter.

As stated in previous posts there are always going to be those that are negative about what you wish to succeed in.  This will not matter once you have found the drive and the motives to succeed in each of these areas.  Additionally, most people will enjoy talking about your idea of success.  The people that are closest to you should be willing to discuss and even possibly give you additional ideas about what you can do in order to succeed.  This advice you can take with either a grain of salt or you can utilize it fully within your plan for success.

More recently I was discussing an idea with an acquaintance that is becoming more of a friend about an idea that a business partner and I were putting together.  I stated there was a certain issue we were having.  He then goes on to tell me that he knows someone who brokers in the part of the business that we were having problems finding.  This is a great example of how just discussing your ideas can benefit your success.

In this lesson I just want you to open up to the people around you.  Start discussing, no matter how embarrassed or shy you may be, your ideas, talents and where you want to succeed in life.  This may lead you on the journey to success.

I put together The Millionaire Decree about becoming successful.  This can be used by reading it every day, once a week, once a month or whenever you need some extra motivation.  Although it is called The Millionaire Decree it can really be used to achieve anything in life.

Thanks for reading and remember to open up.


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