Being a Doer

What the heck, isn’t that from a movie?  Yes, recently I was at a movie with my wife and the “success” person was talking about being a doer as opposed to a donter.  This was silly but it does hold some truth.  It is so important to become a person who is willing to act as I have discussed previously.

Something that some people do is say that they wish or if only this or that happened then a reaction could happen.  The person is right.  It could happen.  Whatever that it is could happen if only something else happened.  Instead of that let us change our thought process.  First state that you can have whatever you want.

Follow these steps to learn to be the so called “Doer.”

  1. Make a plan
  2. Do one action to start the plan that day
  3. Continuous action toward that plan
  4. Get to your goal

I know this is very simplistic.  It just takes a moment in time to decide to change your life to where you want to go.  It is in that moment that you will decide how “wish” to be.  That wish can come true it is just a matter of time.

This is a shorter post so for that I apologize.  It is a very easy concept but I hope that you act on whatever it is you want in life.  Action is being what is referred to as a Doer.


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