Incremental Success

numbered-stairs-holly-mathis-interiors-via-a-case-of-the-mundays_blogspot“Human beings respond well to reward,” (HuffPost, 2013, pp.3).  This is one technique people use to get to their success.  Every time a person accomplishes a daily goal or a small goal it should be celebrated.  The very least a person should do is take a moment and realize that they did well.  Doing well helps to increase our mood and thought processes.

I could bore you with research but let us take a look at some examples on how small achievements that are celebrated can help us keep on going to get to our final goal.  Today is the second day of my wife’s vacation.  This morning I made sure that the car was packed and ready to go by the time she got finished showering.  I know that sometimes this stresses her out.  I wanted to make sure she was happy to start her day.  One of my ultimate goals is to make a happy household no matter what situations we get ourselves into as a family.  By doing this small task I know it really struck home with my wife even if she doesn’t say anything about it.  I know that she appreciates me and I appreciate her just as much every day.

In my last post I discussed how success can take many turns.  Even in a day success can take many turns.  I choose to accept the fact that we cannot necessarily predict what can happen in the future.  Do not plan that your day will always go without a hitch.  These hitches will make us better people.  An example of this would be like if my wife and I wanted to go do something but my mother in law asks a favor.  This favor is going to take an extra hour or two of my time.  Instead of losing it or getting upset I will step up and do whatever the task is.  By doing this task I can keep a peaceful watch on my family and extended family.  By doing this task I might learn how to do something new or something different even if it is basic household type work or care.  This is a good thing to learn even if at first it doesn’t seem.

Celebrating small victories of helping a family member or paying for a coffee or meal can help smooth out the day.  You might hold an elevator door for someone with a great smile.  You may get joy out of this, so will the person that you held the door for whether they want to admit it or acknowledge it or not.  Something small will click inside you and put you in a better mood.  This has many theories but whether it is a chemical or a spiritual reaction your life is increased by doing something even this simple.

What may the reaction be of doing something small and nice?  Well it could just be this small increase in life that drives you.  You may well meet a person that could change your life forever.  This one time I put myself out there on a network website.  I met this gentleman who struck up first a business partnership but has developed more into a friend these days.  If he called me up and told me he wanted to talk I would be there and I think even vice versa would occur.  None the less I learned how to be a better business man because of him.  I had already accrued my bachelor degree in business management but I think I learned more from this guy in the little time I knew him than I ever did before.

Taking these small victories by both hands can help push you to the next level.  Each step that helps you to grow closer to the goal that you wish to achieve is a step less than you needed to do before.  Doing these steps with a smile will help to increase your motivation to move forward and do more steps toward the success you wish to achieve.  Think about this a moment.  There if you are happy to do something are you more apt to do it?  I believe this should give people a resounding yes.

Being excited to achieve certain success whether financially, socially or any other form of success should make anyone happy.  If you are not happy with the current situation only you can choose to get out of the situation.  This cannot be on anyone else but you.  This is why I urge you to celebrate all of your victories even it is only by smiling and saying that, “Yes I did that.”  Acknowledgement is a important as any success step I have ever written about.

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