Success has strong roots in belief.  To believe in what you are doing will help you to get to the next stage of what you are concentrating on.  It has to be to the point of absolute belief.  This is when you continue in life without worrying about what is around the corner.  The true belief will come true.

If you do waver, as we all do occasionally, things will start to seem like they are getting out of hand.  This is okay because there are lessons to be learned from things going wrong.  Hopefully the lesson will be learned before you have to repeat the same mistake.  Essentially, I am trying to say that you should learn from your mistake once and move on.

Some people call this technique the secret.  Others call it the law of attraction.  In martial arts it is called sending ki forth before doing something.  By inserting into our thought process that we can do something, that something we want will happen, doubt can slowly disappear.

Most of all I believe in believing in yourself.  Do not worry about if you make a mistake.  To rise above those around you, especially those with lack of belief within you, strength can be found.  The inner strength of you is what is most important to find.  What could we achieve if we had absolute power over our own bodies and minds working together?

I suffer from something called night terrors.  These usually come when I am stressed or have lack of sleep.  When I am having one of these my body doesn’t notice pain and thinks it is unstoppable.  I have lifted my leg over my head while lying down and knocked my heavy dresser to the ground.  This is only one small thing that I have done in a sleep state.  If only I could align my body and mind all day long I could achieve great things.  I believe this of everyone.

To believe isn’t only inside of each of us.  A person must also believe in what they are doing to be effective.  If you truly believe you are helping people with your work or service others will begin to believe as well.  There is any number of uses for this.  You see a lot of this in religion.  A person believes in their religion so much that there is no room for even consideration that the possibility of another belief system being correct.  In part you should do this but keep an open mind just in case what you are doing is a mistake.

This should get you started on believing in yourself.  You can do whatever you set your mind to.  I hope you enjoyed this article if you have any questions please leave a comment or email me.

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One thought on “Believe

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