standardsDo you have standards in your life?  This is very important for the successful.  There should always be a personal standard.  I do not mean to be snobby about things.  I mean that when you invest your money, buy something new, or network with certain people you should hold each to a higher standard.  Remember, this is your life so why not make it quality.

I have been working online for many years now.  There are any number of products and niches out there that have both quality items and crap, for lack of a better word.  So how do we tell the difference between a good product and a bad product?  Plenty seem too good to be true.  One thing to remember is that when something is too good to be true it normally is.  You already know this though so let us move on.

What I look for is specific information.  How much material are they offering?  Is it the actual information that will be needed to accomplish the task I am looking to do?  In present times it is fairly common that people will have a video introduction.  I do not look for videos that try to sell, sell, sell without giving me information about what it is they are teaching or selling.  I like to know what I will be getting when I purchase a product or service.

Networking with people that you know may help you.  If you get a bad feeling about the person or they are doing things that you do not believe in then you should move on and look for another individual in the field you are looking into.  There are plenty of social networks out there that offer meet up groups in different niches.  The one thing I would suggest is to make sure that the person is actually successful in the industry in which you are looking whether it is entrepreneurial endeavors or knitting.

I cannot tell you how many books and programs I have gone through based on the subject of success.  I do know that I like to share information that I learn about the subject.  One of my big hopes is to affect peoples’ lives in a positive way.

Most of all I believe that we should hold ourselves to higher standards.  Each piece of success that you do should raise your standard.  Every time you do something good for someone else should raise your standard.  Everything you do should be done to your highest standards.  This can only help to improve you as an individual.

I hope you enjoyed this article.  Please comment or email if you have any questions or would like to hear a specific subject of success discussed.


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