Imagination and Success

imaginationImagination is one important tool that we all have.  If you have lost your imagination you should find it again.   It does not matter what field you are in, writing, science or even a secretary, if you use your imagination you could get ahead in your career or business.  Think about it a moment.  If you think of something brand new, that has not been thought of before, new breakthroughs can happen.

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” ~Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is known as one of the great minds of our time.  What made the difference between him and you?  Brain power maybe, concentration definitely, but most of all he was able to imagine something completely different than what had been thought about previously.  This is important for anyone in any field.

One exercise to help you increase your imagination is to concentrate on a certain subject or an object.  Let your mind take hold.  It will transform the subject or object into something different a lot of times.  This can be difficult so if you can concentrate for about 10 minutes on the single subject and write down a few notes on a blank sheet of paper you can begin your journey to using your imagination for success.

Part of using your imagination is ending the beliefs that you cannot do something.  You are a human being and should take more credit for what you have been given.  Here is a tool you can use to help End Limiting Beliefs.

Here are a few ways you may use your imagination in your current job.  Find a way to change something that everyone seems to complain about.  If you can find a solution to a problem that people are having you have struck gold within yourself and your imagination.  A scientist may take a different approach on a theory he or she was having.  You have to learn how to go outside of your limited box.  We all seem to put some form of limit on ourselves.

As far as an exercise today I want you to try a writing exercise, even if you are not a writer.  Set a three minute limit whether it is on your phone, watch or microwave.  Then you just start writing every thought that enters you head.  You will be surprised how much comes out of your thought process.

I hope you enjoyed this post today.  Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or thoughts.


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