What Makes Success?

AchievementThis is a question that I feel we all ask ourselves.  The reason why is because we don’t always know what our purpose is in life.  It is one of life’s dilemmas that will most likely go unsolved until death I presume.

To make life more of a success I believe we need to have small accomplishments throughout our lives.  These accomplishments can be anything from getting a good grade if you are in school to achieving a certain position in a company.  You should be able to track how your success is going by consistently keeping an eye on your achievements.

When you do achieve something it should be celebrated.  This will help you to continue to want more accomplishments in life.  The happier you are with how you are doing the more positive your outlook will be.

There is a continuous debate in life as to what is most important.  I believe it is something that each individual has to answer for themselves.  An exercise I highly recommend is to look at your life from the end.  This means that you would pretend you are on your deathbed and look backwards to see what you have accomplished.  You will most likely be disappointed if you were sitting in front of the television your whole life.

How specific you get will be up to you.  I find that a general overview is good to know what basic direction you would like to take in life.  There is an almost infinitesimal amount of directions you can go.  Then once you know where you want to end up just start working on small goals and achievements to get to the end goal.

Life goes by way too fast to not be working on your life achievements.  I believe there are many people who squander their talent because they are afraid to truly live.  I do know some people who like to just sit around and do nothing but I believe people who take action will have much happier and more fulfilled lives.

Hope you enjoyed this article.  Please leave comments with any questions or thoughts.


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