stagnationThe problem with stagnation when it comes to success is that you do not move to do anything.  You have grown too comfortable.  Some people may say that they like to be comfortable and I can understand that.  Change and decisions are what help us to understand what we want to be successful at in life.

A person sitting at work, scanning internet pages, looks really bored.  Being bored and being comfortable are close to the same.  I hate to be bored.  It is one of my largest pet peeves.  To startle myself out of boredom I do a number of things.  If I am at work I really try to find something to do whether it is cleaning or networking with my fellow employees.  I also will try to find ways to make the work place better to take that to my boss.  If I am at home I will get up and start cleaning, getting online and writing something whether an article or a post for my blog.  There is always something to do if you look.

An exercise that you can use every day to help kick you out of stagnation is by finding stuff to do when you feel bored.  You should do this every day until you are active throughout an entire day.   Then you do it more until you can last the entire week.

Humans are funny creatures.  When we actually use energy we can create more energy.  This is why it is important to exercise.  As we exercise we create more energy to use later.  It is like recharging our battery.  Sleep is just as important.  Put yourself on a great schedule.  We are creatures of the day even when we tell ourselves we are nocturnal.  If you can get yourself on a schedule of waking up in the morning and going to bed at a decent time it will also help you to curb that stagnate feeling.

I hope this article helped to get you out of stagnation and on your way to success.  Share this with your friends on Facebook with the link below.


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