Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Success is not a new concept.  Man has always wanted to succeed.  When we were hunters and gatherers it was much more self explanatory.  As time marched on we have grown new definitions of success.  I have mentioned previously, only you know what success is to you.

Someone somewhere has most likely had the type of success you are looking for.  If this is the case you should go and find out as much as you can about that person.  Then follow similar steps on how they got to where you want to be.  You will have to adapt some things but the general concepts should still be the same.

One example from my personal life is working on being a successful internet marketer.  The first thing I did was by looking at the different programs out there.  There was affiliate marketing, network marketing, MLM and much more.  I chose a company where I help people to save money and make money at the same time if they so choose.  Honestly they get the value of the product just by the savings in the membership.  I have saved a few hundred so far and it has only been almost half a month in.  The other benefit is if the people become an associate and they know three other people that want to save money as well they will not have to pay for their membership anymore.  Simple, easy and the payout is great at Wake Up Now.

So what did I do exactly?  I found a company that offers a mentor-ship like program.  The people that have gone before me can show me how to do what they do.  If I mimic what they tell me I will most likely end up in a similar position.  The chances of my success have increased tenfold.

There is no reason for you not to succeed.  Even if you find a brand new service or product if it is business this is even better because you will be one of the only people with that.  If it is a need for successful family find a family that you respect to understand what makes them a great family.  If you want self-fulfillment success find someone that has that.  This can go on and on.

For the exercise today I want you to find a success you wish to mimic.  Not only find it but contact them and find out more information.  It might be nerve racking but you will find for the most part that people are open and friendly when you are just trying to find information.


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