How is success a lousy teacher?

6811140195_f3d7572eaaSuccess is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose. ~
Bill Gates

This seems to be true.  I have noticed that the mistakes have taught me so much more than my successes.  There is no doubt in my mind that the more mistakes we make the more wisdom we are gathering.

Take this with a grain of salt.  There is also such a thing as too many mistakes because we have such short lives.  You must learn from your mistakes.  Each time you make the same mistake you are continuing in a cycle that you want to break.  What would you do if you never made the same mistake twice?  I believe our lives would advance in mass action.

Each and every day you take action to either fix or learn from mistakes the more you will begin to enjoy life for what it is.  Every part of our life is covered by small moments.  Take these small moments and enjoy the process.  The journey is part of an overall lifetime.  If you do not stop to enjoy the great moments in life, life will be for not.  You will know that you are living how you are supposed to be, really enjoying with all of our passions and love, by feeling deep inside that you are doing what is right.

Although I cannot command you, and I never would, I do ask that you take some effort to really feel what you are feeling, until shivers overcome you.  There is something in doing what you know is right that should overcome you.  Share this with your loved ones.  Tell your loved ones that you love them.  Help the people that need help.  We are all human.  Stop making excuses not to be there.


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