Inner Self

Understanding our inner self is one aspect of success that sometimes we overlook.  What I mean is that in order to be truly successful in life you should be able to live passionately, fun and enjoy the environment you are in.  If you do enjoy pressure and being angry maybe you just have not had a chance to find out what is inside.  That or you are a narcissist.

How do we found out what is inside of our heart and mind?  I do understand that what is in the heart comes from the mind but it is a good saying that I enjoy.  One question that you can ask is, “What am I passionate about?”  To find out what you are truly passionate about can help a person decide what direction they wish to move their life.  As an example, my parents taught me what family was about.  I have always wanted a family, although early on in life I always wondered whether I would be able to procure one in the first place.

Now that I have a family with my wife, two daughters and a son I have a much better understanding of what it is that my parents felt and why they raised me the way they did.  I love having a family.  Being there for my family is the absolute most important aspect in my life.  This is why I am a stay at home father and try to make a living through various online methods.  This allows me time to be with my family.  My wife still works, but she does love to get out and do something as well.  She is a most wonderful mother to our children.

The point of this is to show you that you can choose to live the life you want through accepting who you are.  If you are passionate about making money and becoming rich live that life fully.  You know what it takes.  Find a person who has done it before you, update and mimic what they do.  If you are unhappy with your job and you are passionate about something else, accept this, start working on a way to your passion.  If you are unhappy with your finances, fix them through planning.  There is nothing to stop you but you.

I really hope you accept who you truly are.  It is one of the most important parts of success because you cannot truly be successful and happy without knowing who you are.  I wish you well and hope you have a most wonderful day.


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