The Frame That Hangs On The Wall

I have this frame that hangs on my wall that says, “…life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”  The parts surrounding the picture part of the frames, the words Live, Love and Laugh appear.  My family appears in these pictures.  That is success to me.

You are on your way to success if you are even reading this.  I hear that only a small percentage of people actually want to make their lives better instead of complaining about it every day.  You just have to challenge yourself to find your moments.  My challenges are to keep writing success ideas, thoughts and sayings to keep people motivated.  One of my challenges since I became unemployed was to find a way to be able to stay at home to raise my children.  I had to go through many challenges before learning and meeting my wife.  Now she is one of those moments that take my breath away.

Pick anything in life.  If you can dream about it you can achieve it.  All you have to do is put the chips down.  Let whatever you want in life to absorb into you.  Feel and be it.  Once you can truly feel that is the moment you have been waiting for, success happens.  Then you will continue to live that way until you have another goal in life.  You already took care of the finances so you never have to worry about money again, now what?

Every time you get to a moment of success start planning your next.  I believe this to be true, if you keep living and planning on living and live in those moments, you will also live longer.  Think how confident and happy you would be by the end of the short lives that we have.


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