Motivational Theory

Extremely Urgent

Urgent success – motivational theory responds to how people should respond if they would like to succeed at any part of their life.  To have urgent success means that you must take action immediately.  You cannot wait on the sidelines and wish for a miracle.  Make your own miracle.

People might ask how you can do this.  You can do this by coming up with a goal and starting right in this very moment.  An example could be that if you wanted a better relationship with a loved one.  First, what is it that we want better in our relationship?  This should be done alone and with the loved one so that you can communicate what you would like to improve with one another.

After you have discovered what you would like to change in the relationship take action immediately.  Start right now by either picking up the phone or showing a nice gesture. One way I show my wife that I love her is by bringing flowers when she isn’t expecting it to keep our relationship developing on a good path.  Life tends to be about all of the little things added up.  Think of something special.  These will always go over better one that is more expensive, unless you’re into that sort of thing.


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