This is one of our rights as humans.  We can choose to direct our life.  Sometimes life hits us hard in many areas but we still have a choice to choose how we should live as humans.  The difficulties are innumerable.  I could name many examples but everyone has a different life and different perspective.  Think about your life.  Now think about difficulties you have had.

Did you handle the situation correctly?  If so, fantastic but if not you need to get down to the core of why you did not make the correct choice.  This will enable you to make better choices in the future.  Let me give you a couple of examples how this may play out.  During my last marriage, divorce occurred at the end.  I could blame her as much as I want to and I can blame myself as much as I want to but this doesn’t get me to the core of the problem.  Why did my marriage fail?  In my case it was because there was a lack of communication.  We did not talk to one another enough to hold onto what we first felt for one another.  This is okay.

How did I fix the problem within myself?  I made sure that I would never have a lack of communication with a partner again.  As I dated after my marriage I was an open book.  If I was closed it was because I knew the date was as far as anything would go.  If I felt anything I let the person know.  This was too much in some cases and too little in others.  I ended up finding the right partner who let me communicate and tell the truth as I saw it to her without judgments.  She accepted me for me and I her.  This is now my current marriage.  Sometimes we may over communicate but I prefer that choice over no communication which ended badly the last time.

A hard problem that a lot of people struggle with is finance.  This is a touchy subject at best.  Each of us should have a set goal as to where we would like our finances to be.  Have you made mistakes in your finances?  I know I have in my past.  I would spend money on a coffee and realize I came up short at the end of the month.  This happened because I would not go over my finances often enough.  I would not look at them more than once a month because I didn’t want to face what I had gotten myself into.

The difference now is that my wife and I continually go over our finances at least once per week to make sure we are on track.  Saving and giving money being our top priority.  We believe that tithing is a very important part of life.  Even when we have been broke we would give a dollar to a store to feed children, the heart association, for cancer or even for helping animals if it was at a pet store.  Next, is to pay the bills we have to which include rent, mortgage, utilities, credit cards and any other nominal bill.  Do not forget to include something like an entertainment fund, unless you are completely crazy or in control you most likely go out every once in a while, whether to have a beer with a friend or bring your family to a movie.  If you plan a fund for this less money will be used.  Do not forget the gas money which has become astronomical.

These are very basic choices that we can make in our lives to be more successful.  I hope this helped you out a little bit and you were able to take away something.  As an assignment I suggest you try the exercise of looking back at wrong choices you have made and learn how you will approach them in the future.  Thanks for reading.  I hope you have a most successful day.


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