Brain vs Success


Recently I have read a number of articles and heard a few talks about how the brain can even change our physical being.  This means that certain genetics can be manipulated through thought processes.  If our brain is this powerful could it help a person become successful?  I believe this to be so.

Think first about self defeating thoughts.  Peoples physical being tends to be affected as well.  If a person is depressed, they slouch and have a sad face on a lot of the time.  I know because I was diagnosed with it a number of years ago.  When I hold myself up, when I smile more, when I tell myself that success is always around the corner, this makes me feel better about life in general which also decreases the depression symptoms.  By changing certain physical aspects I am tricking my brain almost, although even better giving my brain whatever it needed to come back to reality.

The brain and physical connections are amazing.  When people are happier their diseases take longer to spread sometimes up to and even healing certain diseases.  The question then comes how can we use this to our advantage or how can we shift our mindsets to evolve to make whatever we want to come true in our lives?

I think part of it is going to be belief.  A person would have to truly believe that this can work.  This goes with anything that you look at.  In religion a person must go on faith and truly believe whatever they believe.  Are they then creating this alternate world where the religion is actually true and exists?  If enough people believe is there something that occurs in the universe that makes it come true?

The placebo affect has been shown to work in a lot of cases in the medical field.  The placebo affect is simply using a medication that should have no affect on the human body but the person taking this medication believes it is supposed to help them.  Because the person believed it was medication to help they got better from whatever was ailing them.  This is exactly what this article is about.  Believe in something so fully and so true that you can make it come true.

The other part of this, and this is where a lot of people become defensive, is the law of attraction.  The law of attraction is what The Secret and other great works are based on.  By using the law of attraction a person can make a parking spot appear, become successful at whatever it is you want or need or even become wealthy.  It doesn’t really matter what the cause is for we as humans should be able to manipulate our body and minds to do almost anything.

I hope you enjoyed this article.  I wish you best in your successes.


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