Trust and Success

Trust and Success

Trust and Success

People trust only so much.  Can you think of someone in your life that you trust completely and utterly?  We never can tell the future and we will find twists and turns as we live this life.  I think it is important to open up and start to trust.  With as much as an individual can accomplish on his or her own a group that is organized, professional and friendly to one another can accomplish a lot more.

This is a dream for society.  The success we can have as human kind could last for many generations if we could just forget about the small problems that we think are so big.  The world is very large and yet very small.  We conflict with one another based on objections of one another’s beliefs.  Why do we fight each other?  One person’s right to live is as good as any other.

We squabble for land.  We squabble for religion.  We squabble for money.  We squabble for stuff that will not even matter in a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand or even a million years down the road.  We need to start fighting for humanity.  Peace is going to be the only way.  The hard part is convincing everyone to stop the nonsense.

Through history there have been short times of peace.  My dream is that we can have earthly peace for many centuries or even thousands of years.  Now is the time to do it.  With the technology we have today for communication purposes people can talk to other people all around the world.  Those that do not have the technology yet would be included as we expanded and fixed the current societal issues.  We can and should concentrate on helping each other rather than destroying human kind.

Trust is yet another key to success.  Those that can trust the people around them will have no problem succeeding in any area of life.  Do not be a naysayer.  Do help others to understand where you are coming from.  Do have patience with those around you.  Remember that we are each unique individuals and have lived a different life.  This different life provides each person with a unique insight.  Listen carefully to those that you trust.

Have great successes.  Take care of those you care about.  Use your passion and trust to enhance your life.  Thanks for reading.  Please share if you agree.


3 thoughts on “Trust and Success

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