This is one of the most unique exercises that I wish to write about tonight as it can relate to success.  When a person meditates they can clear their head.  When the head has cleared all of the bad “stuff” out and all of the noise that goes on up there new ideas and functions can occur.  The human mind is an amazing tool that we under-utilize every day.  There is no telling how far a person can go if they can unlock even a few of the secret areas of the mind.

Success can begin to occur with the help of meditation.  By allowing your mind to clear, whatever you choose to concentrate on for the successful part of your life, not only will new ideas occur to you on how to become successful in that area but you will also concentrate better throughout the days.  As problems occur within your day you should feel more control over yourself and your emotions.  This will allow you to make better decisions.

If you can do meditations 10 minutes a couple times a day I think you would see a large change in your mindset.  Remember to breathe in good and breathe out the bad.  Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.  One goal of meditation is to get longer and longer breaths.  As you deepen these breaths the further into your mind you will go.  One ultimate goal of people who meditate is to clear the head completely.  No thoughts coming in and no thoughts going out.  This helps the mind to rest and to build where it needs to improve your thought process.


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