Dreaming is one great way to see where you want to be in success.  This can be done by people who remember their dreams.   Dreams are telling a person subconsciously how to do things, where to do things and also warn us when we may be going in the wrong direction.  There are many paths that dreams can help us find.

An intriguing notion to me is lucid dreaming.  This means that you are aware of the dream and you can control it.  I am fascinated by this because this could be one key to unlocking parts of the brain that were currently out of reach.  The subconscious is an unexplored territory.  With as scientific as this society has become there still isn’t a whole lot known about what happens in the subconscious.

I do know that from martial art training when I need to perform something it is there instantly.  It comes from a feeling or the back of your mind.  You do not question, you just move.  By doing something so instantaneously it seems like the person is moving very fast.  In reality the person is just reacting to a situation and this is the solution to the problem.

Part of this comes from the subconscious.  When a person has practiced anything for a long time sometimes thought doesn’t even have to be part of the action.  The body just responds out of habit.  This could be amazing if we could just take what is in the subconscious and try to live our lives by following those thoughts.  I wonder what would happen if a person could truly do this.  What an amazing life a person could live.


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