Success can become ours with the help of others.  Listening to others and feeling other people’s thoughts and feelings will bring you to the success you wish.  To be genuinely interested in other people will help to become friends with others.  Friends will do almost anything for real friends.  Because of this if they see you have a problem but you never talk about it and always wonder after their feelings, thoughts will occur to that person to help you.

Think about what you want out of life.  I ask this a lot.  Now think of those that have success in that part of their life.  If you want something from someone becoming interested in the needs of that person is necessary.  This will allow you to develop a relationship with that person.  By developing and allowing the friendship to thrive you will soon learn what you need to be successful.

It will not matter if it is money, relationships or any other part of life this can work.  Do you think you can learn a lot from a person who makes the amount of money you want?  Do you think you can learn a lot from a person who has the type of relationships you want?  I believe wholeheartedly that if you become friends with those people you will soon take on certain characteristics of that person.  By opening your mind and seeing, truly seeing, what that person feels and does you will find what you need.  Keep those relationships whole.  You may learn even more than you wanted.


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