Be Emotional


Success can depend upon emotion.  Emotion can drive us to do the most wonderful things for the people we love.  It can also drive us mad if we do not control them.  Know where your emotion lies on any given subject.  Think about how something makes you feel.  Then figure out why it makes you feel this way.

Once you figure out the how and the why you can step aside to figure out what your next step is.  Some people do not respect boundaries.  It is important to know how something with emotionally affect those around you too.  Sometimes it should not matter what other people feel.  This can be done by asking how well you know your audience.  Your family will react different than your friends.  Your friends will react differently than strangers that you are speaking in front of.  Enemies will react differently than all of these.

One rule of thumb I use is that I try to tell the truth at all times.  Sometimes my truth will be different than someone else’s truth.  This is because we have two different perspectives.  That is okay.  Once you state your side, give good reasons.  If you do not know something, say so and state you will have to do more research on the subject matter.  It is okay not to know something.  There is no reason to be emotional about that.

Now use your emotions to succeed.  Be passionate and love what you are doing.  I love being a father.  I love being a husband.  Granted my wife makes it super easy to love her too.  We give each other the freedom we both need to be individuals but we have joined our paths together so that we can be emotional together.  We will succeed in anything we choose to do.


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