The Story about My Partner

Valentine 2014

I have the best story in the world.  It started in tragedy.  My heart had been broken.  I felt down on my luck and I was angry.  I made a lot of new friends because my old ones and I fell out of contact due to my ex never wanting me to go out, or so I felt but there was such a lack of communication even if she didn’t care, I felt she did at the time.  This was alright.

I met someone who became my best friend.  Her name was Sarah.  Even while we were both dating other people we would tell each other stories.   We would go see movies or just hang out after work.  She became such a good friend that I already loved her in one aspect.  After a while of us both dating people with little luck of finding that right relationship it turned into almost a movie.

One day when we were talking on the phone I said, “F*** this, I am tired of being run over and you don’t seem to be having much more luck.  I say we drop our current people we are dating and we should be together.”  She was completely up for it.  So we did exactly that.  Each of the other people we were dating were not pleased but we decided that we would be together.  It turned into complete magic.

She is the most wonderful person.  Although we do not agree on everything in our lives we agree that we would do it together.  No matter what the circumstance I know she is always there.  She will have my back even when I make mistakes.  There is no one I could have asked for that could be more perfect for me.  In fact, the first time that I knew I had fallen in love with her was when she was cuddling with me one day and I fell asleep in her arms and I could not remember ever doing that with another woman.  I felt protected as much as I would protect her.  I have no explanation for this but it was like lightning had struck.

Sometimes we just have to look right in front of us to find what we are looking for.  I have never had such a complete life.  She makes everything better.  Her smile brings a smile to my face.  Her sadness is my sadness.   Her pain is my pain.  Her happiness is my happiness.  We together make a whole that chooses to do everything together because it makes the world seem a brighter place.  I enjoy her company.  She calms my soul more than I would normally be without her.  I have the same effect on her.

Life with my partner is wonderful.  I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day my love.


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