Redundant Memory

redundant memory

I just read an interesting article that discusses how the human brain uses a redundancy method to remember things.  Regardless of what the memory is it slowly gets lost with time due to neurons constantly dying.  The article can be found at:  If this is the case I believe that the following should be true.

Success can use this to its advantage.  Through many steps a person can become successful.  Have an idea, plan your idea, discuss your idea with a mentor or read up and study, take action immediately and follow through with each step of the plan.  Because we use this method consistently I would put forth that we are telling many neurons to remember how to be successful.  That is why people who have become successful can lose everything and become successful again.

Keep practicing every time you get the chance.  Follow a method and do it again and again.  I use this with DS Domination.  This program helps walk a person step by step to make decent money.  I find information that works.  I study the videos.  After studying I take action from those that have come before.  Not only do I make money on the front end without having to do anything but following instruction so that I can work from home to be home with my daughter but there is also a way to make money on the back end as well.  Anyway, the point is that a method is repeated so that even if I lost everything I could do it again.

On the opposite end if something doesn’t work then you want to forget about it.  I do not mean do not learn the lessons from the mistake.  Learn your lessons and repeat what you have learned.  This will imbed it into your brain.  For instance, my last marriage didn’t work due to communication.  Now that I learned the communication lesson I currently make sure that every day I communicate with my wife, kids and friends.  There is no mistake that I am trying to communicate something.

Success is repetitive process.  Learn what works and repeat.  Dig it into your brain so deep that it becomes second nature.  I use this for martial arts.  Now I do not have to think about what I have to do, I just do it.


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