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A Goal Worth What I Want

Just beginning in the organization and opening this new blog I feel I need to have a massive goal.  Taking action has always been something that I preach.  To take action in this network I need something so big that I haven’t done anything close to this before.  It will not only be writing.  With as much as I love writing I think this is going to take more.

Challenging youself is always so important.  No matter your situations there is always a higher goal or a way to better yourself.  If you are not challenging yourself what is the point of living.  Amazing things can happen when you feel yourself becoming more of who you are.

Aiming high will allow you to challenge yourself.  Who cares if you do not make the goal.  If you never aim for it you will never reach it.  Say you make a goal to do something in 6 months.  Even if you do not hit that goal in 6 months and it takes you a year, guess what you just made your goal.  Even better is when you make that 6 month goal and it takes you 3 months.  That is always the better surprise.

For my massive goal I want to make a video every day for 365 days.  I have no idea what I am going to talk about, most likely what I write about, success, but I want to produce massive results.  If you want to join me feel free.  If you want to follow me feel free.  If you want to connect with me feel free.


Matthew Collinson

Empower Yourself

Every Day


Every day we need to work at what we want.  This applies to everything.  It doesn’t matter if you work for someone else, work for yourself or work for your family.  Now is the only certain time that each of us have.

Take into consideration how long we live.  Let’s just call it maybe 100 years.  In an article I read a year or two ago it stated that as we are living longer we are also taking longer to grow.  The first 30 years we are essentially children.  I do not want to offend anyone.  This is not a smack to those young people who are hungry for life.  Then eventually you get to an age where you just want or maybe can’t function at a high rate anymore.

We know that right now even while reading this you are learning or hoping to learn something new.  You are being high functioning by trying to move forward with your life.  Because you are here reading this you have some form of a goal or you may be here just reading to support me as a friend or family member.

Right now if there is something that you want you need to be working at it every solitary day.  If that means you have to be out talking to people, go talk to someone.  If you need to be studying a subject to get where you want to be, study something about that subject every day.  It is up to us to take the action to work at what we love, what our goals are, what we want in success to work at it every solitary day.  If you love what you are doing it isn’t even considered working, it is a game, it is play time.

I love writing.  I try to write at least something every day.  It doesn’t matter if it is fiction, a piece on success, an article for ezine or just writing my thoughts out.  Every day something comes out of my head that’s I have to get out.  Do the same with what you want in life.  Hope your guys have a fantastic night.

Matthew Collinson

Empower Yourself

The People


Be thankful for the people around you.

As a person becomes more successful they realize that success would have never come without the people around them.  Whether it is the people in the past or the people in the future you determined that you were going to have a successful life.  This both drew people to you and pushed people away.  This is okay because that is how energy works.  Each type of energy that we put out there is the energy we will receive back.

That is why finding like minded people to continue forward on your success journey is so important.  If you want to be financially abundant you find those that were financially abundant before you.  If you want a successful relationship find people that have successful relationships.  This is about as easy as I can put it.  This is one type of people that are around you.

Never forget that before you started on this journey to success you also had people that supported you the entire time.  These people normally come in the form of friends and family.  These are the people that you really need to take into consideration as you continue your life journey.  These are the people you need to thank every day in one form or another.  Sometimes it will be by acknowledging them that you are grateful to have them in your life and other times it will be to make sure that you live fully to make them proud.

Everyone that touches your life was there for a reason.  Even the painful memories can become positive memories if you think about what you learned from that experience with that person.  Life will bring the people that are supposed to be around us.  We can have an effect on that.  Make that affect a good one so that you get positive people who are willing to help and push you toward the success of your dreams.  There is no reason that you cannot other than what is in your own mind.

Matthew Collinson

Empower Yourself

Global Peace

I wrote this a little while back.  Originally I wanted to use it as a speech but with the baby and our kids events it has been almost impossible.  So, let me know if you want to see me actually make it a speech.

The world is in great need.  Men, women and children are endangered throughout the world.  Violence has been stricken into the hearts of all.  This is a call for us as humans to come together.  I believe that we can become peaceful.  It will take work.  It will take patience.  It will take effort.

What are the benefits of global peace?  We can work together to forward the human race.  We can do the things that we love instead of fearing what will happen the next day.  We can learn from one another both educational and spiritual.  Share the works that every science, religion and works that has been created.  There are always going to be people that disagree but I urge you to argue with words and not violence.

The world has broken down so many barriers.  Let us as people of humanity come together to break down the only thing that splits us.  Our thoughts could come together so that violence would be unnecessary.  I do not believe that just one government or set of leaders is strong enough in this day and age.  The United Nations was a great first effort.  They have great intentions.  Now we need one that outshines this.  we need everyone to volunteer their nations, countries and peoples.  You will not give up all of your laws.  If one country has a problem we all come together and decide what will be best.  Once this is said and done there is no hate, but most of all there is no rebuke.  This will be difficult for some to understand.  Sometimes people may be hurt but there must be an understanding.  Out future as people of Earth needs to rely on each other.

We all are human.  Whether we are alone in the universe or not, can you imagine a world where people coincide to further mankind.  My world.  Your world.  Our world.  My intention is not to offend anyone.  I truly think that we as humans are more intelligent then we give ourselves credit for.  Helping one another always has better consequences than fighting one another.

Those who have seen violence and those that have not had the fortune to see violence should see sense in this.  Some people think this would be an end to countries and religious sects.  I believe it will be a great advancement to human kind.

Thank you for reading this and feel free to share it.

Matthew Collinson

Write Out the Reasons

Write out the reasons you want to be successful was an exercise in a book I was just reading told me to do.  This is what I wrote.

One reason I want to become successful is for my family.  I want to be able to give them the needs and wants through life.

Another reason is that I want to be able to help others.  This means being able to spend time doing what I can within our world community.  Honestly, I am tired of our world being separated into segments regardless of what those are.  I want to bring the world together so that we can talk with one another.  Through this speaking we will learn so much from each other.  My dream world would allow our species to move forward instead of taking a step forward and two steps back because someone disagrees, loses their temper and starts war.

War is the most tragic emotion that humans have developed.  Look at the way nature works with each other.  Everything builds together.  If we as humans could come together to work with one another regardless of segmentation we would achieve a whole new world.  This is one of many reasons I want to succeed.

This was a great exercise for me.  Although it was simple I couldn’t believe the thoughts that flew out.  I truly enjoyed this exercise and I highly recommend it to find a strong enough reason to succeed.  Original copy of my writing.  By the way I type because of that handwriting lol.

Write Success

Write the reasons you want to become successful

Success and Speed Reading

speed reading

Something I have been working on recently is my speed reading courses.  These seem to not only help with reading but speeding up my brain where I would like to learn things.  One thing I prided myself on when I went back to school to get my bachelors degree was that I was able to understand everything with ease.  Even with working full time I flew through the classes.  Do not get me wrong, I was not perfect but at least I was not lost like the time before.

If we could just let our minds do exactly what these types of courses teach.  When you read quickly you are literally like a scanner.  Although I haven’t gotten to that speed I have met people that could literally flow down the page and turn to the next one without stopping.  My goal right now is to catch up to my wife.  She is a fast reader and stomps me when it comes to reading.

One exercise that I practice daily is to just let my thoughts flow.  This allows my brain to act on its own.  By allowing this time, normally just a short period before interruption, I find that I have a clearer path to what I must do throughout the day.  Although my day doesn’t always go as planned at least my brain is ready to accept the changes.  By accepting these changing I adapt much easier when I have to completely put what I wanted on hold to take care of business one way or another.  I believe this is a learned skill and anyone can do it.

I could just imagine the power that our brains hold.  If we could stop being distracted I believe that our brains’ would tell us exactly what we needed to accomplish and when.  There is no doubt that we would be a far more intelligent race of beings.  This is why I love entrepreneurship.  It allows us to free ourselves of societal needs; mainly money is the end goal, so that we can choose to do what we really want to do.  Following our passion and being happier to the people around us is what I believe it is all about.  What would you do with complete freedom?  How much happier would you be if you could live up to your brains standard?  There is not a doubt in the world that this kind of action would lead all humans to a much more lively life than trying to catch up to the brain, then resting a lot with TV or internet or any other source of mundane entertainment.

Thanks for reading and I hope this opens your eyes and your brains a little more.