Stability in Success

Stability is the action of being stable.  A stable environment is where the same thing happens day in and day out.   The problem with this is that challenges are far and few between.  To challenge yourself will allow you to learn.  A person sometimes must step outside of their comfort zone.  An adventure could soon consume a person’s life if they learn to challenge themselves.



The difference between those that succeed and those that do not is the people that do are not afraid of failure.  I do not mean constant failure in life.  I mean that if people fail they tend to learn something.  If you have not learned from a failure you will repeat the same mistake until you do.

Back to stability.  Let me ask you a question.  Would you be more comfortable staying at home every day and doing what you please or would you rather have to be on someone else’s schedule having to do their bidding?  To me comfort and stability come from being able to do what pleases me.  Right now I am home with my daughter so she needs no daycare.  I still help people though my writing.  I also get to write what pleases me as opposed to writing what other people want me to write.  To me this is stability.

Some people will ask, well what about money?  You cannot live without money.  This is correct in current society unless of course you have gone off the grid.  Personally, I like my internet and some television and a few other luxuries of life.  We will approach this from another angle.  If you live by passion, the things you love most, money will follow.  I find people worry about money too much.  Look at the most successful in any industry.  In most cases I find that people do what they love.  If you love business open a business.  If you love writing, write.  If you love organizing open an organization business.  If you want to be home with your family start a daily blog about your family’s daily life and what you are learning.

Hope you have learned something about stability.   Stability will come with time as long as you follow the life you want.

I just thought of one other idea.  If stability means doing the same thing over and over again and expects to get the same result, this has another definition.  It is called insanity.