The People


Be thankful for the people around you.

As a person becomes more successful they realize that success would have never come without the people around them.  Whether it is the people in the past or the people in the future you determined that you were going to have a successful life.  This both drew people to you and pushed people away.  This is okay because that is how energy works.  Each type of energy that we put out there is the energy we will receive back.

That is why finding like minded people to continue forward on your success journey is so important.  If you want to be financially abundant you find those that were financially abundant before you.  If you want a successful relationship find people that have successful relationships.  This is about as easy as I can put it.  This is one type of people that are around you.

Never forget that before you started on this journey to success you also had people that supported you the entire time.  These people normally come in the form of friends and family.  These are the people that you really need to take into consideration as you continue your life journey.  These are the people you need to thank every day in one form or another.  Sometimes it will be by acknowledging them that you are grateful to have them in your life and other times it will be to make sure that you live fully to make them proud.

Everyone that touches your life was there for a reason.  Even the painful memories can become positive memories if you think about what you learned from that experience with that person.  Life will bring the people that are supposed to be around us.  We can have an effect on that.  Make that affect a good one so that you get positive people who are willing to help and push you toward the success of your dreams.  There is no reason that you cannot other than what is in your own mind.

Matthew Collinson

Empower Yourself