Success and Speed Reading

speed reading

Something I have been working on recently is my speed reading courses.  These seem to not only help with reading but speeding up my brain where I would like to learn things.  One thing I prided myself on when I went back to school to get my bachelors degree was that I was able to understand everything with ease.  Even with working full time I flew through the classes.  Do not get me wrong, I was not perfect but at least I was not lost like the time before.

If we could just let our minds do exactly what these types of courses teach.  When you read quickly you are literally like a scanner.  Although I haven’t gotten to that speed I have met people that could literally flow down the page and turn to the next one without stopping.  My goal right now is to catch up to my wife.  She is a fast reader and stomps me when it comes to reading.

One exercise that I practice daily is to just let my thoughts flow.  This allows my brain to act on its own.  By allowing this time, normally just a short period before interruption, I find that I have a clearer path to what I must do throughout the day.  Although my day doesn’t always go as planned at least my brain is ready to accept the changes.  By accepting these changing I adapt much easier when I have to completely put what I wanted on hold to take care of business one way or another.  I believe this is a learned skill and anyone can do it.

I could just imagine the power that our brains hold.  If we could stop being distracted I believe that our brains’ would tell us exactly what we needed to accomplish and when.  There is no doubt that we would be a far more intelligent race of beings.  This is why I love entrepreneurship.  It allows us to free ourselves of societal needs; mainly money is the end goal, so that we can choose to do what we really want to do.  Following our passion and being happier to the people around us is what I believe it is all about.  What would you do with complete freedom?  How much happier would you be if you could live up to your brains standard?  There is not a doubt in the world that this kind of action would lead all humans to a much more lively life than trying to catch up to the brain, then resting a lot with TV or internet or any other source of mundane entertainment.

Thanks for reading and I hope this opens your eyes and your brains a little more.