Become a leader

Leadership AheadSuccess is a difficult concept.  There are a number of people who just sit there day in and day out doing the same thing.  They are happy with this situation.  My thought it that a person will become no more successful than the day before if this is the continuous action.

A person should get up, look at their life, and determine what they are happy with and what they are not happy with.  The things that they are not happy with should be changed.  If you are not happy with your job find something you will be happy with.  If you are not happy with your physical appearance come up with a plan to change this.  If you are not happy in your daily relationships with the people around you find a way to make them better or move on.

One way to change certain aspects of your life is to become a leader.  To become a leader means that you can show others and convince others that your course of action is the best.  This can be difficult at best.  I do not want to deter you from becoming a better person in your own way but if you choose to become successful you choose the difficult and yet easiest path.

The successful people around you will share with you that it takes persistence and work to become so.  The best part about being successful is that once you are there things become easier.  It does not take as much work as some would suggest.  If asked how I am a good father I would say that I look at my children individually.  They each have unique traits that need to be cultivated.  My son loves to be active so I have him in martial arts, Parkour and whatever other sports he wishes to try.  He chose the two that he most wanted to do in Aikido and Parkour.  The martial arts came from me showing him a few things of what I learned and he just took to it.  He loves it passionately as I have.

My oldest daughter is an artist.  Although I cannot relate to her on that specific field I am a writer so am able to ask about certain ideas that she has.  I also enjoy looking at her artwork which is very good.  If she continues on that path I could see her being a full time artist.  Currently she wishes to pursue interior design and I hope I can help cultivate that by getting books, looking up unique tips online and getting her in touch with people like my aunt who runs her own interior design business.

One of the things that makes me a great father, not to sound arrogant but just to show others my experiences, is that every day I make sure they get their school work, at least what they tell me of it, done.  They each have chores that they have to accomplish to show them some amount of work ethic as they are growing.  I also teach them to question everything even me sometimes.  This is an important critical skill one must learn as they become older.

To lead children a person needs to find how that individual works.  This is the same for leading people around you.  If you know how they work which you can tell by talking to the individual, what positions they have held or what their goals are, you should be able to find a way to describe what you are trying to accomplish or what you want them to accomplish within your goal sets on a level everyone will understand.

Do not be afraid to take risks.  It is scary sometimes but you can control your emotion and yet release it at the right time.  Emotion is a very important in a leader.  The right emotion at the right time will help you to lead people where you wish them to go.  I love to be emotional.  Sometimes I do go over board as we all do but for the most part I can control when I want to show certain emotions.  I will go further into detail on using emotion in another post.

Thanks for reading and I hope I have helped lead you to a new discovery within yourself.  Come back to read more or if you are new to the site I invite you to read previous posts to understand how success can be for anyone anytime you wish it.