Global Peace

I wrote this a little while back.  Originally I wanted to use it as a speech but with the baby and our kids events it has been almost impossible.  So, let me know if you want to see me actually make it a speech.

The world is in great need.  Men, women and children are endangered throughout the world.  Violence has been stricken into the hearts of all.  This is a call for us as humans to come together.  I believe that we can become peaceful.  It will take work.  It will take patience.  It will take effort.

What are the benefits of global peace?  We can work together to forward the human race.  We can do the things that we love instead of fearing what will happen the next day.  We can learn from one another both educational and spiritual.  Share the works that every science, religion and works that has been created.  There are always going to be people that disagree but I urge you to argue with words and not violence.

The world has broken down so many barriers.  Let us as people of humanity come together to break down the only thing that splits us.  Our thoughts could come together so that violence would be unnecessary.  I do not believe that just one government or set of leaders is strong enough in this day and age.  The United Nations was a great first effort.  They have great intentions.  Now we need one that outshines this.  we need everyone to volunteer their nations, countries and peoples.  You will not give up all of your laws.  If one country has a problem we all come together and decide what will be best.  Once this is said and done there is no hate, but most of all there is no rebuke.  This will be difficult for some to understand.  Sometimes people may be hurt but there must be an understanding.  Out future as people of Earth needs to rely on each other.

We all are human.  Whether we are alone in the universe or not, can you imagine a world where people coincide to further mankind.  My world.  Your world.  Our world.  My intention is not to offend anyone.  I truly think that we as humans are more intelligent then we give ourselves credit for.  Helping one another always has better consequences than fighting one another.

Those who have seen violence and those that have not had the fortune to see violence should see sense in this.  Some people think this would be an end to countries and religious sects.  I believe it will be a great advancement to human kind.

Thank you for reading this and feel free to share it.

Matthew Collinson