Step by Step


Success can come to anyone.  With patience and fortitude a person can succeed at almost anything.  Let us think of some amazing accomplishments that humans have achieved.  Monks can sleep on top of mountains in snow and stop spears from going through their skin.  A man lifted a helicopter off a person and a mother lifted a car off a child because adrenaline allowed them to do something without thinking of what they cannot do.

Acting by instinct and allowing our bodies to do what our minds might possibly tell us we cannot.  Our minds can do similar.  We have to let them flow and sometimes we should not question.  Allow our minds to take us where we want.  This can happen anytime we choose.  Sometimes letting go will allow us to do what must be done.

The first step to success is making a decision.  Part of making a decision is to figure out why you want to do something.  If you can find a big enough “why” you can achieve anything.  Do you want to take care of your family?  Do you want to go on vacation anytime you want to?  Do you want to have a deeper relationship with your spouse?  This list could go on and on.  Make a decision on what you want out of life but more important get yourself a real reason as to why you want what that is.

The second step is allowing your mind to plan on how you will do this.  Making a plan is a key to success.  I prefer to hand write my serious plans because I get the feeling that is what my brain wants.  Another part of this step is allowing time to let your brain pick your memory from what you have learned in the past.  If there is something you are not sure about in your plan the brain will let you know.  When this happens you have a simple solution, learn what you do not know.  I suggest learning from other people that have gone before you.  The great news about this is that there are so many resources out there for us to use it should not be a problem to learn almost anything you want.  Find a book, use the internet or best of all sit down with a person.

Third step I would say is to take action on your plan.   Even if you do not know everything you cannot wait for the perfect time to start.  If I had done that I would not have had the most wonderful baby daughter in the world.  If I had done that I would not have gathered a beautiful wife and her children which have become my children as well.  We all have so much love for one another.  I take action every day to try to make my family happy in one form or another.  This allows me to accomplish the goal of having a great family relationship.

One last step intermixes with all of the other steps and will allow you to accomplish your success.  That is laser targeted focus.  A laser beam takes up a small area and is very direct.  This is how we have to think of our goals.  Concentrate until action has bloomed and there is no way that what you want to accomplish will fail.  We as humans normally have short attention spans.  I know some days I am definitely guilty of this.  If you have a strong enough will to want something in your life make it so.  Tell yourself you need to concentrate.  Do not allow many distractions in your pursuit.  Make each and every day count.





This is yet another important aspect of success.  How has your timing been lately?  Do you feel rushed?  Do you think lights never go your way in traffic?  Did you miss a chance at being successful at some point because the “timing” wasn’t right?

Timing can come when you want it to.  There is nothing stopping you from making the timing right.  Only you can control your ultimate destiny.  If you want to be financially free then be in that state of mind.  If you want to get a better position in the company you are in work toward that end.  One thing that might help is writing down exactly what you want.  This will help direct your mindset to that end.

Another exercise you can do to improve timing is more planning.  You know what you have to do today so make a plan.  Do not start getting ready 10 minutes before hand.  Plan and be ready.  There is absolutely no reason you have to choose waiting until the last moment to accomplish your tasks.  If you get them out of the way earlier the less you have to do later.

“I learned that we can do anything, but we can’t do everything… at least not at the same time. So think of your priorities not in terms of what activities you do, but when you do them. Timing is everything.”

~ Dan Millman

When do you do your activities?  Are you the person who does a chore at the beginning or the end of the day?  If you can change just one or two things around how much more do you think you can accomplish in life to make a success?  A phone call is easy enough to make.  Chores are normally simple and if we do not put them off normally will not take more than a few minutes.  Even large chores like painting a house can be placed in a nice chronological order so that it can be done in a reasonable time if you are doing it yourself.

To make planning a habit it must be done every day.  Some people will sit down every morning to go over their goals.  Others go over their goals at least once a week.  It depends upon your personality as to how dedicated you are to succeeding in whatever area of life you are looking to accomplish.  I believe you can do anything you put your mind to.  The question is do you believe in yourself?

Lesson 7 – Relax

This is an important component for success.  To relax means to breathe first.  When you have done this move to whatever is tensing your life up right now.  Relaxing will help you to think more clearly.  Maybe you say you do not have time to relax.  This is unfortunate.  It is very important to add this into your daily diet.

I am not saying sit down like a floppy noodle in front of the television.  More likely I would say to sit down with a straight back and work on breathing.  There is something about clearing your head for future challenges that occur within one’s life.

What else does relaxing benefit?  There are various benefits that have been proven through research.  Relaxing health benefits include helping the heart.  By relaxing in the right way you can lower blood pressure, heart attacks and other such issues.  This may seem simple but if a person is too stressed they even tend to catch more colds.  Also a reduction in stress can help people overcome and prevent having a stroke.  Other studies have shown more than just physical contributions.   On the other end of relaxing benefits a person by helping them to think more clearly which has been documented.   While stress can impair a person’s memory and learning, being relaxed can help a person remember more.

These are just a few of many benefits of learning to relax.  Each of these can help you to be successful in many manners.  If you have a longer life you can achieve more.  If you can think more clearly you can focus better on what you want to do.  Part of relaxing also means doing things that do not just need to be done but also you want to do them.  For instance, to relax sometime my family and I will go to the zoo to look at the animals and gather exercise at the same time walking around a lot.

Overall, with all of these benefits who does not want to relax more in life.  A clear head is nice.  The biological benefits are outstanding.  Health benefits outweigh more that the rest.  Be successful but learn to do it by habit so that you do not even have to think about being successful anymore.  What does this mean?

In martial arts we discuss sending out a feeling or a thought before taking action.  This allows us to accomplish sometimes extraordinary tasks without putting forth the physical effort that a lot of people spend time doing.  This goes hand in hand with the law of attraction as well.  There are many ways to accomplish success in life depending upon what you are looking for.  First send forth the thought that you want to and will succeed.  Now your mind and body will follow.  Our brains have huge capacity if we so allow them too.  Somewhere within each of us are all of our memories and all of the thoughts we have processed throughout life.  If we can take the next step from within our being we could tap into the information we already know.  Use that information and our mind and body will find a way to follow.

Exercise on this lesson is simple and yet difficult.  I would like to you sit comfortably but alert.  In Aikido we sit in Seiza but this takes some getting used to.  Sit criss cross apple sauce or as some people used to call it in my generation Indian style even though I do not want to offend people and that is never my intent.  Close  your eyes and just listen to your breathing for about 10 minutes.  This does not seem difficult at first but you may learn differently.  There should not be noise, just silence although some forms of meditation also say you can listen to soft music or nature sounds.  Whatever makes you happy you should do.  Now listen to your breathing only.  Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Once you have accomplished 10 minutes of this move forward with learning more meditation exercises.  If you wish to know more you can always contact me through the comments would be best but also through email if you wish to keep it more private.

Thanks again and best regards to a relaxing successful life.