How success really looks



There is something to be said for how a person gets to success, regardless of which aspect they are striving to find.  We see success as a direct path.  The quickest way to get from A to B is a straight line.  By making goals and adjustments we can eventually arrive at our success.  It just does not always come as we expect.

Think of success like a journey.  There are many things that occur while you are on that journey.  It will take twists and turns that you never knew were there.  The important part is to learn from each of this misdirections so that you can fix the mistake or use the opportunity that presents itself again.  Many ways lie in our journey and there is no right or wrong answer to the direction we should be taking.  This will help you to remember that no matter what occurs you can choose to be ready for what is thrown at you.

One quote attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson is, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”  Each person will find their own meaning in this.  It really is not about reaching the end because we are all headed in the same direction in that one aspect.  Have fun with each challenge you find.  Open your heart to each opportunity.  Take care to live passionately and fulfill your life’s dreams whatever those may be.

A recent article I was reading states, “As human we always ask ourselves certain questions, why me, do I deserve this, when will I ever get through,” (Ethwel, 2012, pp. 2).  Try to remember that these are those challenges I was talking about above.  Even I have to catch myself sometimes because I will question why does this happen to me or why me.  This, in the end, doesn’t matter.  I remind myself to figure out what it is that I am supposed to learn from my current experience.  This experience is part of what makes us older and wiser as we move through life.  There is a lesson to be learned from all.  Sometimes we don’t realize the lesson that was learned until years later.  If you keep your mind open you may be able to find the solution sooner than later.

Sometimes people feel under pressure with life because they think it may be a test.  “It is a mistake to approach life as if it were a test, yet that is what most of us do,” (Toomey, 1994, pp. 1).  This pressure is what makes us fold under pressure.  Pressure comes and the twists and turns that bring us to success can overwhelm what we are trying to accomplish.  One key to help with this I have gone over in my previous posts.  That is breathe and remember that only you can control yourself.  There is no one inside your head controlling your actions.  Thus the only way to make it through the obstacle is to understand that it is meant to be a challenge of life or better yet an opportunity presenting itself.  A test can always be overcome with studying.  That is where life comes into play.  Each step is a unique tool that we can enjoy.

Remember that we are human.  We as a species can adapt to many environments.  No matter the trick that turns us from the course that we have set we can adapt our mentality and even our physicality sometimes.  Einstein could project his focus so much that he was able to change science in many ways because he adapted his mentality.  A woman who lifts a car off of her child adapts her physical strength because she has to.  What happens when we focus both?  An article I read states, “…people simply fail to appreciate the powers of human adaptation,” (Moeller, 2013, pp. 5).  I agree with this.  We do not always realize that we can make ourselves become a better person simply by adapting to our situations.

As life throws these little, sometimes larger, curve balls at us I ask that you strive to learn something.  If it is a death in the family, learn to love the little moments or something special that the person we lost would want us to learn.  If it is a car accident, even not your fault, maybe patience could be learned or compassion.  Everything in life will teach you a lesson if you wish to learn and if you keep an open mind.  If you would like to do an assignment write some challenges down that you have had recently.  In each of these challenges find opportunities that you could have either had a different attitude or worded to your self or others differently.


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