Write Out the Reasons

Write out the reasons you want to be successful was an exercise in a book I was just reading told me to do.  This is what I wrote.

One reason I want to become successful is for my family.  I want to be able to give them the needs and wants through life.

Another reason is that I want to be able to help others.  This means being able to spend time doing what I can within our world community.  Honestly, I am tired of our world being separated into segments regardless of what those are.  I want to bring the world together so that we can talk with one another.  Through this speaking we will learn so much from each other.  My dream world would allow our species to move forward instead of taking a step forward and two steps back because someone disagrees, loses their temper and starts war.

War is the most tragic emotion that humans have developed.  Look at the way nature works with each other.  Everything builds together.  If we as humans could come together to work with one another regardless of segmentation we would achieve a whole new world.  This is one of many reasons I want to succeed.

This was a great exercise for me.  Although it was simple I couldn’t believe the thoughts that flew out.  I truly enjoyed this exercise and I highly recommend it to find a strong enough reason to succeed.  Original copy of my writing.  By the way I type because of that handwriting lol.

Write Success

Write the reasons you want to become successful

Lesson 6 – Know

KnowledgeOver the past few days I have been deciding which direction I would like to take this.  The lessons are endless in life but to be successful you really only need a key few.  In the end it comes down to the decision you make and action.  I do not like to sugar coat things.  It just isn’t in my nature.

For this lesson I want you to be honest with yourself.  Know where you want to start.  Know where you are.  Know what you want to change about yourself.  Most people that look at success want a simple answer.  The simple answer is to know where you are and know where you want to be.  From here it just takes work and persistence.

I do not care what your circumstances are currently.  This sounds harsh.  Regardless of where you are right now there is a way to get to the place you want to be.  You just have to believe fully that you are going to get there.  It is not a magic trick.  There really isn’t a so called “Secret.”

Keep a few things in mind while you are writing out the “knows” of your life.

Look at what you love and dislike in your current life.

If you want to love everything in your life you can.

Be passionate about what you choose.

If you were like me a while back, remember it is not about the money.  Even if you want a better financial situation, which normally has to do with getting more money, remember that money will come to you with time.  Find what you are passionate and live through that passion.  If you love art do art work.  There are many artists that make great livings but you have to be true to yourself.  If you love to organize things become an organizer.  If you love to write become a writer.  This could go on and on.

Now you need to find the small changes that need to begin to make the big change.  This means that once you have decided where you know you want to change it is time to start that change.  Do not wait until tomorrow.  It is about right now in this moment.  If you want a better relationship with your spouse start to do it right now.  Bring her flowers.  Give him tickets to a game he wants to see.  Go out to dinner.  Talk over a bowl of ice cream.  Go on a walk.  It doesn’t have to be a gift of any monetary value.  Simply talking about your wants and needs can sometimes spontaneously generate great conversation which leads to intimacy.  When I bring my wife flowers it is not for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day or that I have done something wrong.  I bring her flowers because I love to see her smile.

Once you have made enough small changes in your life the big change will begin to take form.  This is just one action plan that works.  Keep it simple.  Use your imagination.  Be a dreamer.  The life we live is ours.  Grasp it with both hands.