A Goal Worth What I Want

Just beginning in the organization and opening this new blog I feel I need to have a massive goal.  Taking action has always been something that I preach.  To take action in this network I need something so big that I haven’t done anything close to this before.  It will not only be writing.  With as much as I love writing I think this is going to take more.

Challenging youself is always so important.  No matter your situations there is always a higher goal or a way to better yourself.  If you are not challenging yourself what is the point of living.  Amazing things can happen when you feel yourself becoming more of who you are.

Aiming high will allow you to challenge yourself.  Who cares if you do not make the goal.  If you never aim for it you will never reach it.  Say you make a goal to do something in 6 months.  Even if you do not hit that goal in 6 months and it takes you a year, guess what you just made your goal.  Even better is when you make that 6 month goal and it takes you 3 months.  That is always the better surprise.

For my massive goal I want to make a video every day for 365 days.  I have no idea what I am going to talk about, most likely what I write about, success, but I want to produce massive results.  If you want to join me feel free.  If you want to follow me feel free.  If you want to connect with me feel free.


Matthew Collinson

Empower Yourself

Top Ten Roughest Interview Questions…made fun of

Why Should I Hire You?

I will tell you why you should hire me.  First have you ever had a day where you have felt awesome?  I am like that every day.  You won’t need to know when I will be there because I will always be there when told.  It is my dream to live every day.  There is not a day that I won’t want to be there.  Why should you hire me?  Why should I hire you to employ me?

Why is there a gap in your work history?

What gap?  I was out there pounding the pavement.  It was an everyday situation where I would do almost anything to try to keep my family on their feet.   I didn’t know where my next dime was coming from.  I applied for jobs but most of all I was getting my business going so I didn’t have to work for you.  This is hell of a lot harder any job could have offered to teach me lessons of life.  There is a time when you stand up and shout, “I will do this!”

Tell me one thing that you would have changed about your last job?

My last job?  You are correct it was my last job.  I am tired of people judging me and mine.  We know where hearts lie.  In fact you are lying to yourself if you say you are happy behind that desk having to follow people’s orders all day.  Screw that.  Run your own show.  You are intelligent enough to talk to people all day about a job that repeats the same task over and over again.  Guess what that is how you get to success in any part of life.  Find something that works and work it like you have never worked anything in your life.  It will take a lot less time.

Tell me about yourself?

I am a strong individual who grew up in a great family.  Each family member has their strengths.  I learned how to feel people out.  Figuring out the way they act is how I can tell you about myself.  Take an angry ass customer I can stand there and figure out why they are mad.  After the rant speak calmly because it isn’t personal and yet oh so personal.  About me you ask?  I am an honorable man, a great father, a wonderful husband who loves his wife oh so much.  That is about all you need to hear about me what about you?

Explain a complex data base to your eight year old?

Do you remember how Barney used to remember all of those years in his past?  His head remembered that.  Computers do the same thing.  They remember all kinds of information like the past.  How old are you?  You say you are 8?  That is great.  The computer would remember that you are 8.  It also remembers more than that.

What would the person who likes you least in the world say about you?

Most likely that I am an Ass.  Why would I say that in a job interview?  It is because it is the truth.  Hell, if the person who likes me least doesn’t come up and punch me or worse then I will count myself lucky.  This world is out of control sometimes.  It is up to us to control the moments that we can.  If you can tell me that the person that likes you least in the world wouldn’t say similar I think I will not want to work for a liar.

Tell me about a time old solutions didn’t work?

You’re right sometimes scotch tape just doesn’t work.  Time to take out the Duct Tape.

What’s the biggest risk you have ever taken?

Well this is a loaded question.  I would say that my history has some dark moments.  These moments were cause because I was choosing not to get my head straight.  I flew on my emotions.  To be honest I am lucky to be not in the ground or in jail.  We all had different ways of dealing with what we thought was such a hard part of life.  There is nothing that was more risky than those times.  I love my family.  I feel very fortunate to be exactly who I am.

Have you ever had a supervisor challenge a decision?

Constantly, I always have ideas and put myself out there.  I am not afraid to keep my mouth shut which is a problem as a normal employee.  I find it ridiculous that we have grown such a stigma about etiquette.  If people would just be straight with one another there would be half the problems in the world solved.  Deception sucks and I am not afraid to say it.

Explain a time when your team didn’t agree?

People will agree and disagree.  The reason we have disagreements is because we have different perceptions.  Each perception is grasped by our minds memory and history.  It will react differently for each individual.  It is amazing that we can even come along to connect with one another.  There is always a connection whether positive or negative.  Sometimes a person just has to say, “Look, you and I will never be friends, we will never like each other.  Let us come together for this one project and the future will take place.  Take it a moment at a time.  Then from here if we disagree we will talk about the disagreement like adults.  Then if there are 3 or more people in the group take a vote.  Whichever of us loses it is fine, just get the project done.


what success looks like

I have been doing a lot of reading lately.  Part of this was to research other parts of success.  Think back to a time when you were truly surprised.  Imagine how it felt when that surprise came to you whether good or bad.  I think that we realize when we have become successful we are surprised in how it came about.

First I will start with the bad surprises.  I have mentioned this in previous writing so I won’t drone on about it.  My divorce came out of left field to me.  When my ex-wife told me to leave the house and she took my dog too, yes just like a country song, I was devastated and surprised.  After a while of finding myself and killing myself thinking about what went wrong I realized that it should not have surprised me.  We had a real lack of communication.  I was determined to fix that in myself.  Now I have become a successful communicator.

As I was growing I was not allowed to do certain sports due to my heart surgery when I was three weeks old.  It should not have surprised me but as a child it always shocked me when my parents said, “no you are not allowed to do certain activities like football and even martial arts because it could impact your chest which could cause harm.”  It saddened me that I could not do the sports that my friends were constantly doing.  I was concentrating on the wrong thoughts.  I was thinking, “I can’t do this and I can’t do that.”

Instead I now say that I can do this or I can do that.  I became a martial artist for life when my mother found an instructor who would pay attention to my medical issues.  Although I am not currently practicing due to being busy taking care of my kids I constantly read and watch martial art styles.  I constantly read and educate my mind.  This is something I can do.  I am very philosophical now because of this.  How can I dislike this?  I feel I have become quite successful both physically and mentally which is what those sports were about anyway.

I want to give one last surprise that lies on the good surprise side of the line.  You know my story about my wife.  She is my best friend as well as the love of my life.  She gave me a family that I care for dearly.  I had no idea that I would be a capable father.  In fact, I feel like I am truly successful at parenthood.  She helps me and I help her.  We help each other as we learn how to teach our children.  Any parent out there will tell you that it is a constant learning journey being a parent.  This was the best surprise of my life and the most successful part of my life.

Remember that success will come.  It comes in many different ways.  I have posted a picture here how success really comes as to what some people may think of success.  Success comes in a lot of turns and curves and is almost never straight forward.  Remember this during the good and the bad surprises of your life.  Learn the lessons and you will be successful.

Redundant Memory

redundant memory

I just read an interesting article that discusses how the human brain uses a redundancy method to remember things.  Regardless of what the memory is it slowly gets lost with time due to neurons constantly dying.  The article can be found at:  http://www.quora.com/Neuroscience-1/Is-there-any-redundancy-in-human-memory.  If this is the case I believe that the following should be true.

Success can use this to its advantage.  Through many steps a person can become successful.  Have an idea, plan your idea, discuss your idea with a mentor or read up and study, take action immediately and follow through with each step of the plan.  Because we use this method consistently I would put forth that we are telling many neurons to remember how to be successful.  That is why people who have become successful can lose everything and become successful again.

Keep practicing every time you get the chance.  Follow a method and do it again and again.  I use this with DS Domination.  This program helps walk a person step by step to make decent money.  I find information that works.  I study the videos.  After studying I take action from those that have come before.  Not only do I make money on the front end without having to do anything but following instruction so that I can work from home to be home with my daughter but there is also a way to make money on the back end as well.  Anyway, the point is that a method is repeated so that even if I lost everything I could do it again.

On the opposite end if something doesn’t work then you want to forget about it.  I do not mean do not learn the lessons from the mistake.  Learn your lessons and repeat what you have learned.  This will imbed it into your brain.  For instance, my last marriage didn’t work due to communication.  Now that I learned the communication lesson I currently make sure that every day I communicate with my wife, kids and friends.  There is no mistake that I am trying to communicate something.

Success is repetitive process.  Learn what works and repeat.  Dig it into your brain so deep that it becomes second nature.  I use this for martial arts.  Now I do not have to think about what I have to do, I just do it.




This is one of our rights as humans.  We can choose to direct our life.  Sometimes life hits us hard in many areas but we still have a choice to choose how we should live as humans.  The difficulties are innumerable.  I could name many examples but everyone has a different life and different perspective.  Think about your life.  Now think about difficulties you have had.

Did you handle the situation correctly?  If so, fantastic but if not you need to get down to the core of why you did not make the correct choice.  This will enable you to make better choices in the future.  Let me give you a couple of examples how this may play out.  During my last marriage, divorce occurred at the end.  I could blame her as much as I want to and I can blame myself as much as I want to but this doesn’t get me to the core of the problem.  Why did my marriage fail?  In my case it was because there was a lack of communication.  We did not talk to one another enough to hold onto what we first felt for one another.  This is okay.

How did I fix the problem within myself?  I made sure that I would never have a lack of communication with a partner again.  As I dated after my marriage I was an open book.  If I was closed it was because I knew the date was as far as anything would go.  If I felt anything I let the person know.  This was too much in some cases and too little in others.  I ended up finding the right partner who let me communicate and tell the truth as I saw it to her without judgments.  She accepted me for me and I her.  This is now my current marriage.  Sometimes we may over communicate but I prefer that choice over no communication which ended badly the last time.

A hard problem that a lot of people struggle with is finance.  This is a touchy subject at best.  Each of us should have a set goal as to where we would like our finances to be.  Have you made mistakes in your finances?  I know I have in my past.  I would spend money on a coffee and realize I came up short at the end of the month.  This happened because I would not go over my finances often enough.  I would not look at them more than once a month because I didn’t want to face what I had gotten myself into.

The difference now is that my wife and I continually go over our finances at least once per week to make sure we are on track.  Saving and giving money being our top priority.  We believe that tithing is a very important part of life.  Even when we have been broke we would give a dollar to a store to feed children, the heart association, for cancer or even for helping animals if it was at a pet store.  Next, is to pay the bills we have to which include rent, mortgage, utilities, credit cards and any other nominal bill.  Do not forget to include something like an entertainment fund, unless you are completely crazy or in control you most likely go out every once in a while, whether to have a beer with a friend or bring your family to a movie.  If you plan a fund for this less money will be used.  Do not forget the gas money which has become astronomical.

These are very basic choices that we can make in our lives to be more successful.  I hope this helped you out a little bit and you were able to take away something.  As an assignment I suggest you try the exercise of looking back at wrong choices you have made and learn how you will approach them in the future.  Thanks for reading.  I hope you have a most successful day.

Control Feelings

Control Emotions


One important lesson that my parents taught me as I got older was that only I could control my feelings.  This is a great lesson for anyone to take to heart.  Think about it.  A person calls you a name, an emotional event takes place or you stub your toe, you now have a choice.  You can be mad and retort to the person who called you a name.  The emotional event drives your emotions out of whack.  You feel hurt and mad that you stubbed your toe.

I used to let one small event drive my day.  I have seen it even in my children.  Something small happens and the rest of the day is ruined.  Who here has felt that way?  Hindsight teaches us that we should not do this.  In the heat of the moment it is hard.  Take control of yourself and turn events to your favor.  People call you a name just smile and keep walking.  Feel the emotions of the event but then discuss or talk about how you are feeling, and then move on.  This can be among the most difficult because people come from all walks of life.

One hard emotional event is a funeral.  In our culture this is a sad time.  Many people are around.  The most recent funeral I have been to was for my great grandmother.  We had a funeral, people cried and hugged.  This is natural in our culture.  You should feel emotions towards the person who has left this world to go on to the next great adventure.  A technique I find useful once the funeral is all done and all the emotions have drained from me is to think of the good things of the person.

What happens if the person who died, you can only think of negative emotions?  If you cannot come to terms with a person sometimes it is good to just let them go.  If you cannot let them go you should probably find a professional to talk to because you do not want all that negative energy building up.  That negative energy can lead to depression, sadness or even anger.  It is so important to keep positive in your life because the hard times are hard enough without negative emotion impacting your life.

There are times when we are mad at a situation as opposed to people around us.  A stubbed toe can cause this or something totally different.  One technique my wife and I use is that we have always promised that we can vent to one another as long as we tell each other that it is the situation not the individual that is the core of frustration.  It is important to release the bad feelings so that you can move on with your day to feel all of the wonderful parts of life.

We, my wife and I, constantly communicate.  One of the downfalls of my last marriage was that there was no communication.  I do not even know if we were actually mad at one another, it was a long time ago, but more at the situations we were in.  I had been working night shift.  She was going to school.  Our bills were constantly behind.  We could not afford to do certain things.  It always amazes me how money can impact a person’s life in a positive or negative way.  Money is only an object or tool.  A tool can be used for good or it can be used for evil.  I may continue on this in a later article.

People can choose how to feel during their day.  We can either be reactive or active.  I prefer to be active because it gives me more control in life.  I get to make the choice to be happy and successful in my day.  If you cannot feel some happiness and success in your day then something must change.  Start with your basic emotions and choose to not let others take that away from you.



This is yet another important aspect of success.  How has your timing been lately?  Do you feel rushed?  Do you think lights never go your way in traffic?  Did you miss a chance at being successful at some point because the “timing” wasn’t right?

Timing can come when you want it to.  There is nothing stopping you from making the timing right.  Only you can control your ultimate destiny.  If you want to be financially free then be in that state of mind.  If you want to get a better position in the company you are in work toward that end.  One thing that might help is writing down exactly what you want.  This will help direct your mindset to that end.

Another exercise you can do to improve timing is more planning.  You know what you have to do today so make a plan.  Do not start getting ready 10 minutes before hand.  Plan and be ready.  There is absolutely no reason you have to choose waiting until the last moment to accomplish your tasks.  If you get them out of the way earlier the less you have to do later.

“I learned that we can do anything, but we can’t do everything… at least not at the same time. So think of your priorities not in terms of what activities you do, but when you do them. Timing is everything.”

~ Dan Millman

When do you do your activities?  Are you the person who does a chore at the beginning or the end of the day?  If you can change just one or two things around how much more do you think you can accomplish in life to make a success?  A phone call is easy enough to make.  Chores are normally simple and if we do not put them off normally will not take more than a few minutes.  Even large chores like painting a house can be placed in a nice chronological order so that it can be done in a reasonable time if you are doing it yourself.

To make planning a habit it must be done every day.  Some people will sit down every morning to go over their goals.  Others go over their goals at least once a week.  It depends upon your personality as to how dedicated you are to succeeding in whatever area of life you are looking to accomplish.  I believe you can do anything you put your mind to.  The question is do you believe in yourself?