Write Out the Reasons

Write out the reasons you want to be successful was an exercise in a book I was just reading told me to do.  This is what I wrote.

One reason I want to become successful is for my family.  I want to be able to give them the needs and wants through life.

Another reason is that I want to be able to help others.  This means being able to spend time doing what I can within our world community.  Honestly, I am tired of our world being separated into segments regardless of what those are.  I want to bring the world together so that we can talk with one another.  Through this speaking we will learn so much from each other.  My dream world would allow our species to move forward instead of taking a step forward and two steps back because someone disagrees, loses their temper and starts war.

War is the most tragic emotion that humans have developed.  Look at the way nature works with each other.  Everything builds together.  If we as humans could come together to work with one another regardless of segmentation we would achieve a whole new world.  This is one of many reasons I want to succeed.

This was a great exercise for me.  Although it was simple I couldn’t believe the thoughts that flew out.  I truly enjoyed this exercise and I highly recommend it to find a strong enough reason to succeed.  Original copy of my writing.  By the way I type because of that handwriting lol.

Write Success

Write the reasons you want to become successful

Tapping Your Passions

Today feels like a day where people should learn how to tap into their passions.  How do you find the things that you are passionate about to become successful in life?  Each person will have a different meaning of what success is.  It is up to you to uniquely describe what success looks like to you.  By finding your values, hobbies, interests and passions you will at least have a direction to start in.  The following questions will help you to define your passion.

Purple Passion

What do you want to leave to those that surround you?

One way to define this is to figure out what your legacy should be in your eyes.   One legacy that I would like to be seen passed down through the generations below me is that my family follows their hearts.  I want them to be passionate about everything they do.  If you are not passionate about something what is the point of doing it.  We get to live one time as far as we know or according to your beliefs maybe more than once.  Do it right regardless of your beliefs.

How do you want to be remembered?

Each person will want to be remembered in different ways.  When I die I hope that people see me as a person who followed his heart.  Even in the hard times I follow what I feel deep inside.  It is not always the easy path but I believe it teaches me valuable lessons.  I hope also that people remember some of the lessons I taught them when I was alive.

How do you want to affect the community?

Affecting the community can come in many different paths.  Simplicity could be getting a light at a dangerous intersection planned.  A person could volunteer or start a volunteering organization within the community.  I want to show people in my community that anyone can succeed in gathering their dreams.  It will just take persistence and continual studying on my part to see how humans behave when they are succeeding at whatever it is they are working at.

What interests you?

This is very broad but you want to narrow it down as much as possible.  Some people love to be on the computer and play games.  Some people will say one of their interests is to go hunting.  Another may be to protect animals which also touch on the community question as well.  It doesn’t really matter what you choose.  Once you get this list set you will know what to work towards in your life to live successfully and fully.




This is one of our rights as humans.  We can choose to direct our life.  Sometimes life hits us hard in many areas but we still have a choice to choose how we should live as humans.  The difficulties are innumerable.  I could name many examples but everyone has a different life and different perspective.  Think about your life.  Now think about difficulties you have had.

Did you handle the situation correctly?  If so, fantastic but if not you need to get down to the core of why you did not make the correct choice.  This will enable you to make better choices in the future.  Let me give you a couple of examples how this may play out.  During my last marriage, divorce occurred at the end.  I could blame her as much as I want to and I can blame myself as much as I want to but this doesn’t get me to the core of the problem.  Why did my marriage fail?  In my case it was because there was a lack of communication.  We did not talk to one another enough to hold onto what we first felt for one another.  This is okay.

How did I fix the problem within myself?  I made sure that I would never have a lack of communication with a partner again.  As I dated after my marriage I was an open book.  If I was closed it was because I knew the date was as far as anything would go.  If I felt anything I let the person know.  This was too much in some cases and too little in others.  I ended up finding the right partner who let me communicate and tell the truth as I saw it to her without judgments.  She accepted me for me and I her.  This is now my current marriage.  Sometimes we may over communicate but I prefer that choice over no communication which ended badly the last time.

A hard problem that a lot of people struggle with is finance.  This is a touchy subject at best.  Each of us should have a set goal as to where we would like our finances to be.  Have you made mistakes in your finances?  I know I have in my past.  I would spend money on a coffee and realize I came up short at the end of the month.  This happened because I would not go over my finances often enough.  I would not look at them more than once a month because I didn’t want to face what I had gotten myself into.

The difference now is that my wife and I continually go over our finances at least once per week to make sure we are on track.  Saving and giving money being our top priority.  We believe that tithing is a very important part of life.  Even when we have been broke we would give a dollar to a store to feed children, the heart association, for cancer or even for helping animals if it was at a pet store.  Next, is to pay the bills we have to which include rent, mortgage, utilities, credit cards and any other nominal bill.  Do not forget to include something like an entertainment fund, unless you are completely crazy or in control you most likely go out every once in a while, whether to have a beer with a friend or bring your family to a movie.  If you plan a fund for this less money will be used.  Do not forget the gas money which has become astronomical.

These are very basic choices that we can make in our lives to be more successful.  I hope this helped you out a little bit and you were able to take away something.  As an assignment I suggest you try the exercise of looking back at wrong choices you have made and learn how you will approach them in the future.  Thanks for reading.  I hope you have a most successful day.


Inner Self

Understanding our inner self is one aspect of success that sometimes we overlook.  What I mean is that in order to be truly successful in life you should be able to live passionately, fun and enjoy the environment you are in.  If you do enjoy pressure and being angry maybe you just have not had a chance to find out what is inside.  That or you are a narcissist.

How do we found out what is inside of our heart and mind?  I do understand that what is in the heart comes from the mind but it is a good saying that I enjoy.  One question that you can ask is, “What am I passionate about?”  To find out what you are truly passionate about can help a person decide what direction they wish to move their life.  As an example, my parents taught me what family was about.  I have always wanted a family, although early on in life I always wondered whether I would be able to procure one in the first place.

Now that I have a family with my wife, two daughters and a son I have a much better understanding of what it is that my parents felt and why they raised me the way they did.  I love having a family.  Being there for my family is the absolute most important aspect in my life.  This is why I am a stay at home father and try to make a living through various online methods.  This allows me time to be with my family.  My wife still works, but she does love to get out and do something as well.  She is a most wonderful mother to our children.

The point of this is to show you that you can choose to live the life you want through accepting who you are.  If you are passionate about making money and becoming rich live that life fully.  You know what it takes.  Find a person who has done it before you, update and mimic what they do.  If you are unhappy with your job and you are passionate about something else, accept this, start working on a way to your passion.  If you are unhappy with your finances, fix them through planning.  There is nothing to stop you but you.

I really hope you accept who you truly are.  It is one of the most important parts of success because you cannot truly be successful and happy without knowing who you are.  I wish you well and hope you have a most wonderful day.

How is success a lousy teacher?

6811140195_f3d7572eaaSuccess is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose. ~
Bill Gates

This seems to be true.  I have noticed that the mistakes have taught me so much more than my successes.  There is no doubt in my mind that the more mistakes we make the more wisdom we are gathering.

Take this with a grain of salt.  There is also such a thing as too many mistakes because we have such short lives.  You must learn from your mistakes.  Each time you make the same mistake you are continuing in a cycle that you want to break.  What would you do if you never made the same mistake twice?  I believe our lives would advance in mass action.

Each and every day you take action to either fix or learn from mistakes the more you will begin to enjoy life for what it is.  Every part of our life is covered by small moments.  Take these small moments and enjoy the process.  The journey is part of an overall lifetime.  If you do not stop to enjoy the great moments in life, life will be for not.  You will know that you are living how you are supposed to be, really enjoying with all of our passions and love, by feeling deep inside that you are doing what is right.

Although I cannot command you, and I never would, I do ask that you take some effort to really feel what you are feeling, until shivers overcome you.  There is something in doing what you know is right that should overcome you.  Share this with your loved ones.  Tell your loved ones that you love them.  Help the people that need help.  We are all human.  Stop making excuses not to be there.

To be successful you need to…

success mark twainI know I have probably beat this to death but let us get serious for the moment.  Mark Twain stated, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”  This quote is very important when it comes to success.  It should be utilized not only in the future but right now.

Success comes by starting right now.  This is sometimes the hardest step because people always have good ideas and things that they want to do.  The problem that people have is taking the initial step.  This step will show a person the way.  As stated previously a person should take a breath, decide what they wish to do and act.

Remember that you are in charge of yourself.  If anything messes with your universe you should fix it.  There is no reason why you should not be in charge of who you are.  This does not mean go out and be a jerk to people because they do not act the way you wish.  That means that you can control yourself.  Do not let emotion rise because others are angry or upset with you.  Make a decision and stick to it.  Of course, you can stick with that decision unless someone can reason with you and you understand the reasoning of others.  A mentor or a person who is more educated in a certain area may know more about a subject than you.

Sometimes reason can override the drive that makes us want to act out of emotion.  This emotion can be our success factor or our detriment.  Which will you utilize?  Be emotional, act out but listen to the people around us.  I will leave you with this if you choose to act upon the now.  Go do something about your goal.  Make a call.  Talk to those around you to develop relationships.  Strive to get started in your endeavor.  I wish you all well and good luck.


Coordination is one of many keys of success.  A successful person will be able to coordinate what the goal is that is being achieved.  This will allow you as an individual coordinate the team that will take them to the top of their goal much more quickly.

By a team I mean the connections that have the right network system all set up for what you want.  An example could be your financial goals.  Find someone who has similar financial goals that are already set.  This person will be able to explain what you need to do in order to mimic the success.  This will at least give you a pattern to follow just like a recipe or directions for setting up a toy.

Now to get to your first goal the next part of your achievement is to make contacts with the people that can put you there.  My advice is to use the internet since it is so ready and you can find directions to what you are trying to achieve most times.  Now if your idea is unique and no one has clear directions for you to follow take it step by step.  Break it down to the smallest portion of what you want.

If you want to find Venture Capital as an idea you have to plan the steps.  First talk to people you knows starting with family.  Then go to friends.  Finally, start talking to people that you meet on a daily or weekly basis at events.  For instance, I met a guy at my step son’s aikido who have become acquainted with, and becoming friends, who knew someone who brokers in venture capitalists. This was coordination.  Step one, I knew what I needed.  Second, I found someone who can possibly provide what I need.

The following is copy and pasted from Dictionary.com.  I always find it important to know the definition of a term and then analyzing what it can do in terms of success in this case.


[koh-awr-dn-ey-shuhn] Show IPA


1.  The act or state of coordinating or of being coordinated.

2.  Proper order or relationship.

3.  Harmonious combination or interaction, as of functions or parts.



I think I have already discussed the first part of the definition with the first example.  The second is a proper order or relationship.  This is a very simple meaning.  In success a proper order would be following your goals accordingly.  It can also mean to take things one step at a time.  Do not get ahead of yourself.  Sometimes I have found myself getting ahead of where I should be.  This is a good time to step back, realign objectives, and move toward the goal again.

There is also the harmonious combination of success.  This can be explained as making everything flow smoothly.  Flowing smoothly will help you to stay at peace within yourself as you work on your objectives.   Sometimes in the past I had found myself questioning myself and working on too much at once.  This is also when you have misaligned your goals or you try to skip steps or you become overwhelmed with the thoughts of what you are doing.  This is also a time to step back, go back over your goals and step at the goals in a harmonious, one step at a time fashion.

Hope you learned how to use coordination in your journey to success.  Good luck and have a great day.