The Story about My Partner

Valentine 2014

I have the best story in the world.  It started in tragedy.  My heart had been broken.  I felt down on my luck and I was angry.  I made a lot of new friends because my old ones and I fell out of contact due to my ex never wanting me to go out, or so I felt but there was such a lack of communication even if she didn’t care, I felt she did at the time.  This was alright.

I met someone who became my best friend.  Her name was Sarah.  Even while we were both dating other people we would tell each other stories.   We would go see movies or just hang out after work.  She became such a good friend that I already loved her in one aspect.  After a while of us both dating people with little luck of finding that right relationship it turned into almost a movie.

One day when we were talking on the phone I said, “F*** this, I am tired of being run over and you don’t seem to be having much more luck.  I say we drop our current people we are dating and we should be together.”  She was completely up for it.  So we did exactly that.  Each of the other people we were dating were not pleased but we decided that we would be together.  It turned into complete magic.

She is the most wonderful person.  Although we do not agree on everything in our lives we agree that we would do it together.  No matter what the circumstance I know she is always there.  She will have my back even when I make mistakes.  There is no one I could have asked for that could be more perfect for me.  In fact, the first time that I knew I had fallen in love with her was when she was cuddling with me one day and I fell asleep in her arms and I could not remember ever doing that with another woman.  I felt protected as much as I would protect her.  I have no explanation for this but it was like lightning had struck.

Sometimes we just have to look right in front of us to find what we are looking for.  I have never had such a complete life.  She makes everything better.  Her smile brings a smile to my face.  Her sadness is my sadness.   Her pain is my pain.  Her happiness is my happiness.  We together make a whole that chooses to do everything together because it makes the world seem a brighter place.  I enjoy her company.  She calms my soul more than I would normally be without her.  I have the same effect on her.

Life with my partner is wonderful.  I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day my love.


Step by Step


Success can come to anyone.  With patience and fortitude a person can succeed at almost anything.  Let us think of some amazing accomplishments that humans have achieved.  Monks can sleep on top of mountains in snow and stop spears from going through their skin.  A man lifted a helicopter off a person and a mother lifted a car off a child because adrenaline allowed them to do something without thinking of what they cannot do.

Acting by instinct and allowing our bodies to do what our minds might possibly tell us we cannot.  Our minds can do similar.  We have to let them flow and sometimes we should not question.  Allow our minds to take us where we want.  This can happen anytime we choose.  Sometimes letting go will allow us to do what must be done.

The first step to success is making a decision.  Part of making a decision is to figure out why you want to do something.  If you can find a big enough “why” you can achieve anything.  Do you want to take care of your family?  Do you want to go on vacation anytime you want to?  Do you want to have a deeper relationship with your spouse?  This list could go on and on.  Make a decision on what you want out of life but more important get yourself a real reason as to why you want what that is.

The second step is allowing your mind to plan on how you will do this.  Making a plan is a key to success.  I prefer to hand write my serious plans because I get the feeling that is what my brain wants.  Another part of this step is allowing time to let your brain pick your memory from what you have learned in the past.  If there is something you are not sure about in your plan the brain will let you know.  When this happens you have a simple solution, learn what you do not know.  I suggest learning from other people that have gone before you.  The great news about this is that there are so many resources out there for us to use it should not be a problem to learn almost anything you want.  Find a book, use the internet or best of all sit down with a person.

Third step I would say is to take action on your plan.   Even if you do not know everything you cannot wait for the perfect time to start.  If I had done that I would not have had the most wonderful baby daughter in the world.  If I had done that I would not have gathered a beautiful wife and her children which have become my children as well.  We all have so much love for one another.  I take action every day to try to make my family happy in one form or another.  This allows me to accomplish the goal of having a great family relationship.

One last step intermixes with all of the other steps and will allow you to accomplish your success.  That is laser targeted focus.  A laser beam takes up a small area and is very direct.  This is how we have to think of our goals.  Concentrate until action has bloomed and there is no way that what you want to accomplish will fail.  We as humans normally have short attention spans.  I know some days I am definitely guilty of this.  If you have a strong enough will to want something in your life make it so.  Tell yourself you need to concentrate.  Do not allow many distractions in your pursuit.  Make each and every day count.


Be Emotional


Success can depend upon emotion.  Emotion can drive us to do the most wonderful things for the people we love.  It can also drive us mad if we do not control them.  Know where your emotion lies on any given subject.  Think about how something makes you feel.  Then figure out why it makes you feel this way.

Once you figure out the how and the why you can step aside to figure out what your next step is.  Some people do not respect boundaries.  It is important to know how something with emotionally affect those around you too.  Sometimes it should not matter what other people feel.  This can be done by asking how well you know your audience.  Your family will react different than your friends.  Your friends will react differently than strangers that you are speaking in front of.  Enemies will react differently than all of these.

One rule of thumb I use is that I try to tell the truth at all times.  Sometimes my truth will be different than someone else’s truth.  This is because we have two different perspectives.  That is okay.  Once you state your side, give good reasons.  If you do not know something, say so and state you will have to do more research on the subject matter.  It is okay not to know something.  There is no reason to be emotional about that.

Now use your emotions to succeed.  Be passionate and love what you are doing.  I love being a father.  I love being a husband.  Granted my wife makes it super easy to love her too.  We give each other the freedom we both need to be individuals but we have joined our paths together so that we can be emotional together.  We will succeed in anything we choose to do.

Some Favorite Quotes

1. “Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions.” Tony Robbins

2. “You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted.” Ruth E. Renkl

3. “The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing.” Socrates

4. “Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” John Wooden

5. “Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you, and in the end you are sure to succeed.”  Abraham Lincoln



Success can become ours with the help of others.  Listening to others and feeling other people’s thoughts and feelings will bring you to the success you wish.  To be genuinely interested in other people will help to become friends with others.  Friends will do almost anything for real friends.  Because of this if they see you have a problem but you never talk about it and always wonder after their feelings, thoughts will occur to that person to help you.

Think about what you want out of life.  I ask this a lot.  Now think of those that have success in that part of their life.  If you want something from someone becoming interested in the needs of that person is necessary.  This will allow you to develop a relationship with that person.  By developing and allowing the friendship to thrive you will soon learn what you need to be successful.

It will not matter if it is money, relationships or any other part of life this can work.  Do you think you can learn a lot from a person who makes the amount of money you want?  Do you think you can learn a lot from a person who has the type of relationships you want?  I believe wholeheartedly that if you become friends with those people you will soon take on certain characteristics of that person.  By opening your mind and seeing, truly seeing, what that person feels and does you will find what you need.  Keep those relationships whole.  You may learn even more than you wanted.



Dreaming is one great way to see where you want to be in success.  This can be done by people who remember their dreams.   Dreams are telling a person subconsciously how to do things, where to do things and also warn us when we may be going in the wrong direction.  There are many paths that dreams can help us find.

An intriguing notion to me is lucid dreaming.  This means that you are aware of the dream and you can control it.  I am fascinated by this because this could be one key to unlocking parts of the brain that were currently out of reach.  The subconscious is an unexplored territory.  With as scientific as this society has become there still isn’t a whole lot known about what happens in the subconscious.

I do know that from martial art training when I need to perform something it is there instantly.  It comes from a feeling or the back of your mind.  You do not question, you just move.  By doing something so instantaneously it seems like the person is moving very fast.  In reality the person is just reacting to a situation and this is the solution to the problem.

Part of this comes from the subconscious.  When a person has practiced anything for a long time sometimes thought doesn’t even have to be part of the action.  The body just responds out of habit.  This could be amazing if we could just take what is in the subconscious and try to live our lives by following those thoughts.  I wonder what would happen if a person could truly do this.  What an amazing life a person could live.

Getting Along With Others


Part of success is learning how to get along with people.  One of my favorites is Dale Carnegies, How to Win Friends and Influence People.  One of the key points that it explains is that if you want something in your life sometimes you have to get other people to do what you want.  To get people to do what you want a person must find what it is that those people want.  People have to want to do something to help you.

Many people live their lives day to day.  If you are reading this it is because there is an area of your life that you want to be more successful in.  Always strive for that want.  Make it a need.  Part of being successful is finding someone who is already successful in that area of their life and doing similar, if not exactly, what that person does.  How are you going to convince a person to take time with you?

This will require finding what it is the person would like to have or want.  They obviously have something you want.  Do some digging.  Talk to the person as a friend might.  Do not worry about what it is they have that you want.  This will come with time when they may be willing to spend more time with you like going out for coffee or going to a bar.  The problem I have heard people run into is what if you will never meet the person or what if you will only run into the person once.

Here is the solution.  First dig into the person’s life.  Read all of the books they have written.  Watch what they do and how they act.  If you have a chance to run into the person you will need to convince them in 30 seconds or less.  This is where a great elevator speech comes into play.  Be sincere and honest.  Tell the person exactly what you want and they may be willing to spend some time with you.  It has be precise and practiced.  Do it in front of a mirror or on video so that you can analyze and rewrite if need be.  This is one great way to influence a person to do what you want and that is normally spend time with you.

I hope this helps a few of you.  Let me know if you want to hear about anything specific.

On a side note I recently opened up a website that you are most welcome to come and visit.  It has unique shopping deals and offers other advice for success although that section is limited as the site just opened.